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7 DAYS OF VAPE: Edition of 09 Mars 2016

7 DAYS OF VAPE: Edition of 09 Mars 2016

Here is a new edition of our section « 7 days of vape". The principle is simple! Given that we do not necessarily have the possibility, nor the time to cover all the news of the e-cigarette in France and in the world, we offer you each week an article retracing the news that have not been processed. same here.


UNITED STATES : According to a study, teens have too easily access to websites that sell e-cigarettes (Source :
STUDY : A chemist gives his point of view on the “coils”. A follow-up to Konstantinos Farsalinos' comments on “Dry-burn” (Source :
FRANCE : Residual smoking, a long-term danger? (Source :
UNITED STATES : A testimonial about nicotine addiction and prejudices about this product. (Source :
UK : Here is a report that makes recommendations for practitioners and smoking cessation services about e-cigarettes (Source :
BELGIUM : A message addressed to his Majesty the King of the Belgians. (Source :
LUXEMBOURG : The e-cigarette, this "marginal phenomenon" which worries (Source :
UNITED STATES : What is so cool about vaping? Inquiry in a store (Source :
FRANCE : The small arrangements of the new president of the High Health Authority (Source :
BELGIUM : A petition to be signed in order to support vapers against the application of the tobacco directive (Source :
FRANCE : Electronic cigarette: pleasure soon defended? (Source :
UNITED STATES : The truth about e-cigarette explosions (Source :
FRANCE : Lung cancer will kill more women than breast cancer (Source :

It's all for this week ! We will meet again next Wednesday for a next edition of 7 days of vape!

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