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7 DAYS OF VAPE: Edition of 10 February 2016

7 DAYS OF VAPE: Edition of 10 February 2016

Here is a new edition of our section " 7 days of vape". The principle is simple! Given that we do not necessarily have the possibility, nor the time to cover all the news of the e-cigarette in France and in the world, we offer you each week an article retracing the news that have not been processed same here.


FRANCE : The “Faces of the vape” project opens a kitty to finance travel. (Source :
BELGIUM : The FBPV (Belgian Federation of Vape Professionals) calls on the vaping community to sign this petition which will be addressed to the Government and the Ministry of Health. (Source :
FRANCE : Is the plain packet effective for stopping smoking? (Source :
FRANCE : The school of tomorrow: authorize tobacco, detect cannabis, erase circumflexes, contemplate water lilies (Source :
FRANCE : An interview with Patrick Pharo on addiction and risk reduction (Source : Carnetsdesanté.fr)
UNITED STATES : The governor of Illinois in the United States has decided to penalize minors in possession of an electronic cigarette. The fines distributed will be the same as those applied for possession of cigarettes. (Source :
FRANCE : recently, the laws of commerce have taken over, operating a natural selection. The big ones prevail, the little ones struggle. Result? The number of stores is decreasing significantly. (
UNITED STATES : While only 15 American states planned to apply a tax on electronic cigarettes in 2014, more than half considered this project very seriously at the end of 2015 according to the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). (Source :
FRANCE : By legislating on electronic cigarettes as well as tobacco, as a precautionary principle, the authorities are sending public opinion a message that is harmful to public health ... (Source : Vap'you)
CANADA : The CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS Research Center on Aging is participating in a large study project in Canada on the effects of electronic cigarettes on health. (Source :
UNITED STATES : Ghyslain Armand interviewed Dr. Goniewicz in his office at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, amid the controversy over benzaldehyde. He was able to ask her a few questions about this latest publication which addressed the potential risks of aromas, and in particular that of cherry. (Source :
FRANCE : In February 2014, the Head of State went to war against tobacco. Two years later, consumption peaked. The only “consolation”: his opponent Nicolas Sarkozy is totally inaudible on the subject. (Source :
UK : A stock market and economic information site looked at the electronic cigarette market in the United Kingdom. User behavior and decryption of the tobacco industry's strategy in the face of this new competition in economic terms. (Source :
FRANCE : For the Court of Auditors, the price of tobacco should be increased further to meet the “ambitious” objectives set by the National Program for the Reduction of Smoking. (Source : West

It's all for this week ! We will meet again next Wednesday for a next edition of 7 days of vape!

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