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BELGIUM: "Showing flexibility with the e-cigarette is a trap! "

BELGIUM: "Showing flexibility with the e-cigarette is a trap! "

In a recent forum of the Belgian Foundation against Cancer, Suzanne Gabriels, Expert Tobacco Prevention brings its findings on the e-cigarette stating that "being more flexible with the e-cigarette is a trap, because the new tobacco tobacco products will benefit."


A few days ago in Belgium, the Foundation against cancer to published a communicated on his official website by the voice of Suzanne Gabriels, Expert Prevention Tobacco.

"Our legislation is very strict about e-cigarettes. It is even one of the strictest in the European Union. In addition to taxes, the provisions that apply to conventional cigarettes also apply to e-cigarettes. The sale of e-cigarettes is thus prohibited to young people under 16 years. Promotion, advertising and sponsorship are subject to restrictions. Packaging must be child-resistant and must include a health warning. The rate of nicotine, the communication, the use (one does not vapote in the public spaces) and the sale (prohibited on the Internet) are regulated.

Our points of sale are subject to many rules. And this is to the credit of our authorities, because the policy on electronic cigarettes influences the marketing and the arguments justifying its use. The ban on vaping in public places, for example, makes it possible to prevent the e-cigarette from being used, in these places, as a substitute for the conventional cigarette. A rule that has trouble passing in the "vapers": " this kind of policy goes against risk reduction! They exclaim. And yet, the Foundation Against Cancer supports the severity of our e-cigarette regulations. "


If we talk about trade-offs in Belgium in this article, we seem very far from highlighting the e-cigarette as a risk-reduction tool.

Here are the tips the Cancer Foundation gives to smoking patients, in order of preference :

  • 1: do not (start to) smoke.
  • 2: Quit smoking by using standard weaning methods that have been proven.
  • 3: Quit smoking by choosing the electronic cigarette as a stop method. The e-cigarette can gradually reduce the dose of nicotine, unlike "heat-not-burn" devices such as IQOS.
  • 4: Vapot, maybe for the rest of his life, and stop smoking cigarettes. .
  • 5: (the worst solution for a smoker): continue to smoke.

Keeping this simple list in mind, doctors will avoid the exacerbated alarmism associated with electronic cigarettes, even if it is worth asking, at the level of the population, the evolution of the e-cigarette.

According to the Foundation against cancer, we must highlight the traditional methods of weaning (patches, erasers ...) that have "proven themselves" ... As if the electronic cigarette had not already proven itself since the market explosion in 2013-2014 ...

In conclusion, Foundation against the creditr goes even further by stating: Above all, stay strict in our legislation! Being more flexible with the e-cigarette is a trap, as the new tobacco-industry heat-not-burn products will benefit. As long as we do not know the risks in the long run, our Belgian compromise on the e-cigarette is not so bad - except on one point. Belgium is one of the last EU countries to allow the sale of cigarettes and e-cigarettes to young people from 16". In other words, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the vape accepted as a real tool for reducing the risks of smoking.

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