ORDER: The meeting of FIVAPE with the ministry is postponed.

ORDER: The meeting of FIVAPE with the ministry is postponed.

Following the publication of the last decrees concerning the administrative obligations of French professionals of the vape, the FIVAPE (Interprofessional Federation of the VAPE) announced to have made an appointment with the ministry to discuss and negotiate. If this appointment was initially to be done yesterday (Wednesday), it was finally postponed to next Monday.


If this famous meeting with the ministry was postponed it is not for nothing. Indeed, the decrees having been published there is little the FIVAPE preferred to take his time to prepare the interview well. Many points should be discussed Monday, the FIVAPE will ask among others :

An extension of the application time of 40 days,
- a decrease in the rate of notifications,
- that the reference (s) of emission measurements are cited (Standard XPD90-300 part 3 for example),
- that the Directorate General for Health officially informs which laboratory will be in charge of receiving the notification,
- the notification gateway is active and at least in French.

But the VAPE Interprofessional Federation will not only stop on these points, this meeting will also be an opportunity to remember :

- With these provisions it is 90% of the market references that are affected.
- That 1er January 2017 is 4 million vapers who will find themselves without their favorite e-liquid and they will be responsible for this situation.
- That these decrees will strongly impact small businesses that have invested everything they had.

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