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DOSSIER: 2017 Christmas e-cigarette Guide
DOSSIER: 2017 Christmas e-cigarette Guide

DOSSIER: 2017 Christmas e-cigarette Guide

The Christmas time, a unique atmosphere, the Christmas tree, family celebrations and also a real headache in this quest for the ideal gift. This year has once again been strong in proposition on the vaping market and the choice is significant. To avoid getting lost in all the offers and promotions that will be made to you, the editorial staff " "Decided to concoct as each year a" Christmas Guide "Complete to help you make your choice and also to avoid disappointments this 25 December ! In this quest for " ideal gift«  , we will offer structured material and e-liquids in a structured way taking into account the knowledge of the product, the price and of course the efficiency.


– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITORKoddo Pod Nano, an electronic cigarette discreet and very easy to use which is used with pre-filled cartridges which contain nicotine salt for a better hit, however less aggressive, and faster nicotine satiety. (See the complete review). (Price : 29,90 euros approximately)

- Le Endura T20 Kit by Innokin is an easy to use and proven kit! Composed of a 1500 mAh battery and a Prism clearomizer, this kit will be a real ally to get you out of smoking. (Price : 28 Euros approximately)

- The Atopack Dolphin kit from Joyetech  is an electronic cigarette composed of a built-in 2100 mAh battery and a 6ml tank. Its specific design will appeal to people looking for an all-in-one. Equipped with 1,2 ohm resistors, it promotes indirect inhalation and clearly stands out for use suitable for first-time buyers. (Price : 30 euros approximately)

- The kit Compak M-Class by Sigelei is a mix between the cigalike and the box. This novelty which has a 2ml cartridge that you can fill will be perfectly suited to start in the vape. Classic e-liquid or nicotine salts .. It's up to you! (Price : 35 Euros approximately)

- The P16 kit by Justfog was developed for first-time buyers and it shows! A small 900 mAh box, a 1,9 ml clearomizer which uses 1,6 ohm resistors. Enough to launch you serenely into the world of vaping. (Price : 25 Euros approximately)


– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) The kit Mini Revenger by Vaporesso is an extremely compact and efficient assembly. The rather designer box is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery. You will also find an NRG SE Tank clearomizer which invites you to a vape in direct or indirect inhalation according to your convenience. (Price : 60 euros approximately)

- The Kit Istick Kiya by Eleaf is the latest creation from the Chinese manufacturer. Comprising an ultra compact 1600 mAh square box with a large screen and an easy-to-use Juni clearomizer, it will undoubtedly appeal to first-time buyers who wish to go upmarket. (Price : Around 49,90 euros)

- The kit Invoke by Eleaf consists of a box which can go up to 220 watts and the Ello T clearomiser which highlights the use in sub-ohm. Ideal for vapers who want to get new sensations of vape without paying a heavy price. (Price : 80 euros with batteries and charger)

- The kit Alien 220 by Smoktech composed of the box Alien 220 and the TFV8 Baby Tank Clearomiser in a very complete package. The Alien 220 kit is designed for a high-performance and vapor-oriented vape. (Vsee the complete review) (Price : 80 Euros approximately)

Le Priv TF Kit TFV8 Big Baby combines power and technology. This kit includes the G Priv touch screen box with a power of 220 watts driven by two 18650 batteries in series (not supplied). The box is associated with the latest "Cloud Beast" clearomiser from Smoktech: the TFV8 Big Baby. (Vsee the complete review) (Price : 109,90 Euros)


This year again, we will have been spoiled by the innovations in terms of power and quality of vape. It's not easy to make a choice at the end of the year when many manufacturers are launching their new products. Here is our selection for this Christmas guide:


– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) SX Mini G Class : While waiting for the new T-Class, the SX MINI G Class remains the benchmark! It embeds the latest chipset from YIHI SX 550 J 200W. (Vsee the complete review) (Price : 239.00 Euros)

- Paranormal DNA 166 by Lost Vape : A power of 166 watts, an irreproachable finish, Lost Vape hits hard with this box that will appeal to the most demanding vapers. (Price : 150.00 Euros approximately)

- Charon TS 218 TC by Smoant : This year, Smoant stood out from the competition with new reliable and powerful boxes. This is the case of the Charon TS 218 TC which might surprise you. (See the complete review) (Price : 80,00 Euros approximately)

- Aegis 100W by Geekvape : With his Aegis box, Geek Vape amazed the little world of vape. Solid, compact and efficient, this model is clearly one of the “Must have” of the year. (See the complete review) (Price : 55.00 Euros approximately)

- Surric XR by Surric Vapes : How not to talk about Surric Vapes who always offers powerful boxs with impeccable finish. Incorporating the Easy Pro 200 Watts chipset, the Surric XR ships 2 18650 batteries and will fill you! (See the complete review) (Price : 190.00 Euros)

- Elite 200 TC by VGOD : How not to mention Vgod which is currently one of the most appreciated brands on the market. The moddeur offers this beautiful box 200 watts that works with two 18650 batteries, the finish is obviously at the rendezvous! (Price : 190.00 Euros)


- (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) DotSquonk BF (DotMod) : The famous American modder waited until the end of the year to launch it. All the know-how of Dotmod in a bottom feeder box with such a devastating design. (Price : 100 Euros)

- Hashtag BDB (Alpha Modder) : The French modder recently launched its first mechanical double-battery bottom-feeder box. A very beautiful customizable piece to offer for Christmas (See the complete review) (Price : 160 Euros)

- Purge Squonk Box (Purge Mods) : After the launch of exceptional tube mods, Purge Mods offers a box bottom-feeder that is worth the detour. Entirely mechanical, it works with an 20700 or 18650 battery. (Price : 320.00 Euros)

- Pulse bottom feeder (Vandy Vape): A well-finished mechanical bottom-feeder box at an affordable price. Secure switch, it works with any 18650 or 20700 battery (Price : 35 Euros)

- Gbox squonk (Geek Vape) : For those who prefer electronic models, Geek Vape launches the Gbox Squonk, a magnificent double battery bottom feeder box that can go up to 200 watts. (Price : 110.00 Euros for the box + dripper kit)


- (HEART OF EDITORIALSurric XM (Surric Vapes) : A fully mechanical tube with an original design and an extraordinary finish. Running with an 18650 battery you will not be disappointed by this model. (Price : 180 Euros)

- Leto Mod (Titanide) : The latest from the French modder Titanide. A fully mechanical 24mm diameter mod with a titanium body. The top of French elegance. (Price : 250 Euros)

- Purge Mod (Purge) : Looking for the holy grail of the mechanical mod? Well here it is but it will be worth the price! Entirely mechanical, Purge Mods real nuggets not to put in all hands. (Price : 550 Euros)

- Mod Elite (VGOD) : Sober and original at the same time, Vgod offers the elite model which is a real reference in the field. Very neatly crafted, this 24mm mechanical mod is made of copper and includes a carbon fiber switch ( Price : 120 Euros)


– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITORKayfun Prime (Svoëmesto) : In the high-end world some models are real references and the Kayfun Prime is one of them. Reliable, efficient and perfect for indirect inhalation you will not be disappointed with the investment (Price : 120 Euros)

- The Hurricane Junior (E-phoenix) : The Hurricane Junior atomizer by E-Phoenix is ​​a reconstructable atomizer of Swiss manufacture. It benefits from a high-end finish and offers an incomparable quality of vape thanks to an ingenious and innovative design. (See the complete review) (Price : 129.00 Euros)

- Corona V8 (Steampipes) : A real reference in this product range. This 23mm diameter top coil atomizer with Velocity tray can hold up to 8ml of liquid (Price : 135 Euros)

- Squape Emotion (Stattqualm) : The SQuape Emotion of the moddeur Suisse is a real digest of what Stattqualm offers better. Finishing at the top and quality of vape at the appointment. (Price : 165 Euros)

- Tanko RTA (Odis) : The Canadian modder Odis Collection has clearly splashed the vaping market with his talent this year. The Tanko RTA is a real success. Simple, efficient and stylish, no complaints compared to the price offered. (Price : 100 Euros)

- Juggerknot RTA (QP Design) : The Juggerknot is an RTA-type atomizer equipped with a very easy-to-use postless plate. Designed for the bottom coil, you will be able to make single or double coil assembly. (Price : 90.00 Euros)

- The Flave 22 (Alliancetech Vapor) : The French Alliancetech Vapor has succeeded with the release of this dripper with an elegant design and impeccable finish. Equipped with a mono-coil tray, it will appeal to vapers looking for simplicity. (See our complete review) (Price : 90 Euros)

- The Supersonic (Vaponaute) : A fanfare return for the end of the year with the Supersonic, an improved version of the “Concorde” which should once again please the most demanding vapers. (Price : 125 Euros)

- Enthéon RDA (Psyclone Mods) : The Psyclone Entheon RDA is a little wonder from the United States. This completely flavor-oriented RDA is equipped with a tray intended for mono-coil type assemblies. (Price : 100 Euros)

- Resurrection V2 BF (E-phoenix) : When E-phoenix imposes itself in the world of the dripper it gives something wonderful. A unique design, a perfect finish and the possibility of using it as a bottom feeder. (Price : 135 Euros)



– (HIGHLIGHT OF THE EDITOR) Leto RTA (Titanide) : For a first time the French moderator Titanide made strong. Offered at less than 80 euros, the Leto RTA is clearly a reference not to be missed. (Price : 69.00 Euros)

- Ammit 22 or 25 RTA (Geek Vape)  : This series of atomizer manufactured by Geek Vape has clearly proven itself throughout the year 2017. It is often presented as the best in the genre. (See our complete review) ( Price : 30 Euros)

- Reload RTA (Reload Vapor) : A 24mm "postless" atomizer, with a 3,5ml reservoir. The mounting plate is entirely gold plated with the possibility of installing good quality assemblies in mono coils and dual coils (Price : 75,00 Euros)

- Aromamizer Titan RDTA (Steam Crave) : A diameter of 41 mm for a tank that can accommodate up to 28 ml of e-liquid in RDTA mode, as well as this time Steam Crave has yet to exceed the known limits. (Price : 70.00 Euros)

- Pharaoh mini RTA (Digiflavor) : Fully flavored, this 24mm atomizer offers a mono-coil clamp plate relatively easy to handle. It is flavor oriented and will surprise you with its quality. (Price : 40.00 Euros)

DotRDA 24 mm (Dotmod) : The little brother of the famous Petri. With a diameter of 24 mm and delivered with a bottom feeder pin, the DotRDA can only fill you with joy. (See our complete review(Price : 65,00 Euros)

- Pulse 24 (Vandy Vape) : Simple to use and on top of flavors. The Pulse 24 puts the spotlight on double coil assemblies while retaining its clever airflow and its BF option. (Price : 28,00 Euros)

- Wasp Nano RDA (Oumier) : We select this model for its originality and price just amazing. The Wasp Nano is a dripper very compact 22 mm equipped with an ultem bell and a bottom feeder pin. (Price : 17,00 euros)




This year again the very many shops will probably take advantage of the Christmas holidays to make you exceptional offers. If we have some good plans to offer us, we will not hesitate to share them with you right here.



This Christmas period can also be an opportunity to offer or afford accessories related to the e-cigarette that will enhance your collection. Here is our selection of accessories :

- Stickers for Mod : And why not take the opportunity to customize your mod or box with a nice sticker? Find a complete selection on Vaporskinz, Jwraps or even mightyskins. You will also be able to create your own custom skin. (Price: According to model)
- Drip-Tip :
There are all kinds of drip-tips with more or less important prices depending on the quality of manufacture. This can make a nice gift for a collector vaper. (Price : According to model)
- Battery cell : This year, new batteries have appeared, it might be time to change them, right? (Price : 9,90 to 15,90 per unit)
- Care instructions : More and more stores offer good solutions to maintain your equipment, so why not invest in a bag of Capecod (Price : 5,60 euros approximately) Or in an ultrasonic cleaner (Price : From 30 euros)
- Clothing : And why not T-shirts and clothing related to vaping? You will easily find T-shirts and goodies bearing the effigy of your favorite e-liquids and brands. (Price : According to model)
- Storage bags : There are dozens! Never easy to transport your equipment when you go on holiday or on vacation. Now there are advanced carrying bags and you will end up finding your happiness.Price : According to model)



This list is of course not exhaustive and there are many other gift possibilities to offer. If we were afraid that the vape would become too restricted in this year 2017, it was not. In the end, many quality products arrived on the market and we did not like it. Some innovations have emerged such as nicotine salt or CBD even if this is necessarily controversial. We hope this Christmas Guide has helped you to please your loved ones or design your letter to Santa Claus. 

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