ECONOMY: The magazine "Capital" conceals the real winner Taklope in favor of Clopinette!
ECONOMY: The magazine "Capital" conceals the real winner Taklope in favor of Clopinette!

ECONOMY: The magazine "Capital" conceals the real winner Taklope in favor of Clopinette!

Every year, the economic magazine " Capital Offers a list of the best brands on various criteria such as quality of service, advice and reputation. For the sector of the electronic cigarette it is Taklope which this year is placed as the best sign before Clopinette.


The magazine Capital and the institute of studies The report of Statista have conducted their survey to rank near 2 000 banners in 180 business sectors. The ranking was established thanks to the vote of 20 000 consumers.

Of the some 2100 brands evaluated, 480 have been rewarded in 184 different sectors. The note on 10 shown in the tables was developed taking into account the answers to three questions:

1> attention to customers;

2> the level of professional expertise;

3> the desire to recommend or not the sign to his entourage.

Finally, when fewer than ten companies were evaluated in one sector, our tables retain only the first two. Otherwise, in all other cases, they display the top 3.

It's in the category " Leisure and culture »That appear electronic cigarette shops.

According to "Capital", it is the well-known brand of all " Taklope Who got the first place on the podium (note of 7,62 / 10) for its expertise in terms of reception, advice and support in the gradual cessation of smoking.

It's only by second place, that we find the sign " Clopinette With the note of 7,18 / 10.


If we can only congratulate Taklope for being first in the list of the best brands in the e-cigarette sector, we remain nevertheless doubtful on the communication around this ranking.

Indeed, if we look at the magazine " Capital", We find that he is more mentions the second that is, "Clopinette" than the first one, which is actually "Taklope".

The magazine "Capital" has indeed chosen (why? How? What?) To honor the second in the ranking by specifying " With 90 boutiques, this big player in the electronic cigarette offers 100 vaping products made in France, a reassuring factor for customers.". A surprising decision and a bit confusing to tell the truth.

The communication made by the magazine is so hazardous that our colleagues have fallen into the trap despite themselves, so " Observatory of the franchise "And" The world of tobacco Recently proposed articles with Clopinette among the best 2018 Signs Forgetting to mention that it is good Taklope who got the best rating. In addition, the logo Best sign 2018 quality of service Present on some articles is clearly confusing, suggesting that the brand Clopinette has obtained this label when it is absolutely not the case!

At the time of anti fake news laws, it seems important to us to put a little clarity on a biased communication that is clearly confusing.

We invite you to find the complete list of the best brands here.

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