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ECONOMY: Production stops, Fiber Freaks throws in the towel.

ECONOMY: Production stops, Fiber Freaks throws in the towel.

This is the very bad news of the day especially for fans of rebuildable, Fiber Freaks, producer of cellulose fibers for your atomizers present in around thirty countries throws in the towel. In a press release published on its “Facebook” page, the legendary brand in vaping announces the end of its production.


In November 2013, new assemblies for reconstructable began to become very popular within the French steamer community. Silica fiber was used less in favor of other materials. Florent Draux (alias Mahood) had the idea of ​​creating a "topic" dedicated to the materials used for the realization of wicks. Gather feedback, test many materials, start research in order to find the healthiest and most efficient solutions possible.

After working with amateurs and professionals to develop a washing technique to remove residues from natural materials such as cotton, Florent turned to cellulose fibers. It was after very encouraging first tests that he started spinning this amazing material in his workshop. The very positive feedback from the first testers convinced him to devote himself entirely to his research. In September 2014, Fiber Freaks was born.

After a year of existence, Fiber Freaks was present in around thirty countries and in a few months the brand had become a reference in the world of reconstructables.


« Dear Vapers,

The whole Fiber Freaks team is sorry to announce the end of its production. We have lived a wonderful adventure with you! We wanted to offer you high quality products at a reasonable price during these 2 years. Unfortunately, an innovative company is sometimes a fragile company ... We were the only ones in the world to be able to offer such a process and unfortunately it was not possible for us.ssible to carry out a vital industrial transfer.

We thank all our users for your support, advice, comments, photos and encouragement!

A big thank you to our friends, colleagues, vape workers in France and elsewhere.

A thought, finally, for the production team who have shown friendship, energy, ideas and creativity during this shared adventure. »

Source : Fiber Freaks website / Official facebook page

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