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FRANCE: The party is over for cannabidiol and Mildeca wants to restore order!

FRANCE: The party is over for cannabidiol and Mildeca wants to restore order!

For months now, cannabidiol or CBD has imposed itself in a dazzling way in the vape shops. In a few weeks, establishments selling cannabidiol-based products began to flourish all over France creating a little panic among elected officials. The interministerial mission of the fight against drugs therefore published Monday evening a legal update estimating illegal these new businesses.


Barely open and already illegal? In recent weeks, dozens of stores offering "light cannabis" to smoke, eat, or apply in the form of cream, balm or oil have appeared in France. If the enthusiasm was at the rendezvous a few days ago for these new "coffee-shops", the tide has turned and the Interministerial Mission Against Drugs and Addictive Behaviors (Mildeca) a little spoiled the party by issuing a reminder to the severe law. This development clearly puts many of these banners out of the law and plunges this sector, soon emerged, into a legal fog.

At the heart of this effervescence, CBD for cannabidiol, one of the components of cannabis. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive molecule in hemp, cannabidiol is not considered to be a narcotic product, as the addictologist constantly reminds us. William Lowenstein.

The molecule, praised for its relaxing, calming and therapeutic properties, had first appeared in electronic cigarette liquids. It is now available in multiple products: capsules, herbal teas, cosmetic balms, sweets.

CBD is authorized in France on condition that it is extracted from hemp plants with a THC content of less than 0,2%. At this concentration, the association Norml (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) speaks of ultralight cannabis, to be distinguished from “light cannabis”, which is legal in Switzerland and which can contain up to 1% THC. 


In its communiqué, the Mildeca intends to put order on the subject of "Many products presented as containing CBD appeared on the French market". The statement first recalls that any product containing cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant is prohibited, except for derogations. One of the conditions is that the plant has a content of less than 0,2% THC.

"La Mildeca has clearly just whistled the end of recess" - Olivier Hurel (Norml France)

But now, Mildeca believes that this rate is not a threshold for the presence of THC in the finished product ... but in the plant itself. Clearly, the products, and in particular the CBD-based e-liquids, are «prohibited if they contain THC, whatever the level […]. However, checks carried out in certain products presented as containing CBD have revealed the presence of THC».

The other condition is that «only seeds and fibers can be used. The use of flowers is forbidden». A ban that blatantly contravenes almost all signs. The statement finally warns against therapeutic claims, saying that in France, «the only products containing THC and CBD that can claim therapeutic claims are drugs authorized by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products or the European Commission».



«The Mildeca has clearly whistled the end of the recess» judge Olivier Hurel, from Norml France. The association judges "Very restrictive" the development of the authorities, but without really surprising either: «It's not for lack of warning. But some actors did a little bit of anything.» And to point in particular the ostentatious sale of flowers by some. «This is a point on which there is no ambiguity: flowers are forbidden, Explain Bashir Bouderbala, legal manager of Norml. A sign that sells a little, among a range of varied products, it can go. But when we see that some establishments achieve 80 or 90% of their turnover on flowers, it is difficult to be surprised at the reaction of Mildeca. If some hadn't tried to create a buzz, we might not have come to this.».


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