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FRANCE: ANSM wants to regulate the market for CBD e-liquids!

FRANCE: ANSM wants to regulate the market for CBD e-liquids!

For months now, CBD e-liquids (Cannabidiol) have appeared in France. Faced with the growing demand and interest aroused by this new product, theNational Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) wishes to regulate the market for CBD e-liquids.


The ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products), which had positioned itself for a legalization of CBD e-liquids, seems to be more interested in regulating its marketing. Currently considered as a food supplement, or simple e-liquid, CBD does not have a specific framework or regulation on its use and sale in France.

As the website announces an official announcement should be published in the coming weeks from the public authorities, in order to rule on the sale of CBD e-liquids in France.

Some details could be provided on the subject when the specific rules that will frame the distribution of these e-liquids. The first is that the level of THC present in the product does not in any way predict its legality.

To comply with this new regulation, e-liquids in the CBD will have to respect three specific points

1) Cannabidiol should be obtained from a variety of Cannabis Sativa L. appearing on the amended order of 22 August 1990.

The decree quoted in the answer is the modified order of 22 August 1990, well known by all, that we can find here. The latter specifies all the varieties of hemp that can therefore be used to extract Cannabidiol. The question remains as to what will happen to American or Swiss products that do not use these varieties.

2) Cannabidiol should come from a variety considered unable to present more than 0.2% THC.

Contrary to what could be mentioned during the first consultation carried out by RESPADD on the vaporization of CBD, where it was specified that a CBD e-liquid must not contain other cannabinoids than CBD we are talking about here. a tolerance of 0.2% THC.

3) Cannabidiol should be derived de seeds and stems, and not flowers

Currently, all cannabinoid extractions come from hemp flowers, not their stems or seeds. Indeed, in these parts of the plant, one finds only very very low concentrations of cannabinoids.

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