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BATCH INFO: Legend Atty (E-phoenix)

BATCH INFO: Legend Atty (E-phoenix)

Today we take you once again to Switzerland at E-Phoenix in order to talk about a reconstructable atomizer: The Legend Atty. Want to know more ? Well let's go for a full presentation of the beast!


Those who know E-Phoenix know that when we talk about this famous Swiss modder several things come to mind. How not to highlight the reliability, quality and the "extraordinary" side of E-Phoenix products? Sometimes there is nothing to complain about and that's good! Today, the famous modder presents us with a new rebuildable atomizer: The Legend Atty.

Entirely designed in very good quality stainless steel, the Legend Atty is a 22 mm RDTA (Tank) atomizer which can also be transformed into an RDA (dripper). High-end, with an exceptional finish, the new baby from E-phoenix presents itself to us with a design recognizable among all. 

The Legend Atty is equipped with a 24-carat gold-plated double clamp post plate on which you can install single coil assemblies with even very thick wire (resistance up to 4 mm in diameter). Ingenious and practical, the two studs can tilt greatly facilitating the installation of the resistance. The electrical connections are in 24k gold-plated brass and the insulators in PEEK. The atomization chamber being very compact, you will have a flavor rendering close to perfection. 

Tight or airy vape? Everything is possible with the Legend Atty which will be delivered with two bells, the first for an aerial draw with an imposing air-flow and an 810 drip tip and the second for lovers of tight vape with a drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter .

To avoid spoiling anything, the Legend Atty is compatible bottom-feeder and will also come with a suitable 510 connection. 


Finish : Stainless Steel / Golden Brass
Dimensions : 22 mm x 40 mm
Weight : 0.035 kg
Type : RDTA / RDA Atomizer
Plateau : Double posts with gold-plated clamp 24k
Capacity : 2 ml
Insulator : PEEK
Assembly : Single coil
Air-flow : Two bells (overhead and tight)
Sign in : Classic 510 and BF
Color : Unique 


The new rebuildable atomizer Legend Atty »Par E-Phoenix is now available at " Kumulus Vape "To 119 Euros

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