LAW: Air Algérie now banned e-cigarettes in luggage!

LAW: Air Algérie now banned e-cigarettes in luggage!

Do you have to go to Algeria soon? And very wary if you wanted to take your vaping equipment with you because Air Algérie has just banned the presence of electronic cigarettes in checked luggage.


In a recent communicatedThe company Air Algeria proposes a list of Dangerous goods not allowed in luggage". This list includes ten 10 types of goods whose Electronic cigarettes. It also includes mercury thermometers, lithium batteries and more surprising Galaxy Note 7 " from Samsung. Air Algérie informs its customers that for security reasons, it is strictly forbidden to transport these products in checked baggage.

Passengers who carry batteries with them inside the checked baggage are requested to pack them well, and any equipment equipped with such batteries must be in the off position and properly packed.

« In accordance with the security procedures, we inform you that you are required to inform your customers about items prohibited for transport and at the time of purchase of the ticket in the agency Can we read in a note from the company.


Regarding vaping, the plane is probably the most constraining mode of transport because there are many regulations. To begin, we advise you to check on the site of your airline the regulations in force. Then know that the transport of electronic cigarette batteries (conventional or rechargeable) is prohibited in the hold because of numerous incidents, you will nevertheless be allowed to keep them with you in the cabin. (Regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization)

Regarding the transport of e-liquids, it is authorized in the hold and cabin but with certain rules to respect :

- The vials must be placed in a closed transparent plastic bag,
- Each vial present must not exceed 100 ml,
- The volume of the plastic bag must not exceed one liter,
- At most, the dimensions of the plastic bag must be 20 x 20 cm,
- Only one plastic bag is allowed per passenger.

By plane, your atomizer may leak, this is due to atmospheric pressure and pressurization and depressurization of the cabin. In order to avoid these worries and find yourself with empty vials on arrival, we advise you to transport them in a hermetically sealed plastic box. Regarding your atomizer, the best way is to empty it before departure. Finally, we remind that it is forbidden to vapote in the plane.

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