SWITZERLAND: The Grand Council of Vaud asks for a legal framework for the e-cigarette!

SWITZERLAND: The Grand Council of Vaud asks for a legal framework for the e-cigarette!

In Switzerland, the Grand Conseil vaudois wishes to subject the electronic cigarette to the same legal framework as tobacco products. He accepted massively Tuesday to convey a postulate in this sense to the Council of State.

Graziella Schaller - Green Liberal


« The electronic cigarette allows you to get away from tobacco and that's good. But it is subject to the Food Act, is over-the-counter and out of control Regretted the Liberals Graziella Schaller, author of the text, a motion transformed into postulancy during his passage in committee, because of a federal law in preparation on the subject.

The Council of State wanted to wait because of the federal law in consultation. But she gives birth with difficulty, notes the MP. Its finalization is expected for 2022 only. And it is not binding on the level of advertising.

The premise calls for provisions to protect young people, banning e-cigarettes in public places, advertising for such products, and selling them to minors. Valais has already taken steps in this direction, says Schaller.

« The Council of State must not wait for this product to wreak havoc on young people. It must not be sold under 18 years , The Socialist noted Murielle Thalmann. " You have to act quickly and strongly ", said Hadrian Buclin (Together on the left), recalling the power of the cigarette lobby in the federal Parliament.

The UDC Jean-Luc Chollet on his side emphasized a major contradiction Between preserving public health and " walk in advancet »cannabis. For PLR Carole Dubois, the priority is to protect minors and non-smokers. Nevertheless, according to her, it is better to wait for the results of the federal consultation.

» For us, all smoke is prohibited in public places "Assured Pierre-Yves Maillard. If necessary, the law will be completed in this way. The Council of State is also committed to prevention and action, especially in schools and for the protection of minors is guaranteed.

The electronic cigarette is allowed as a substitute for conventional cigarette smokers; it is not so if its marketing aims to capture new consumers, said the State Councilor. As for the issue of advertising for the e-cigarette, it is more complex, especially because the federal law prevents to have stricter limits, observed the State Councilor.

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