SWITZERLAND: Helvetic Vape asks the vapers not to go to the smoking areas of SBB stations.

SWITZERLAND: Helvetic Vape asks the vapers not to go to the smoking areas of SBB stations.

Since the 1er June 2019, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) implement their no smoking and vaping directive in all railway stations in the country (See article), in response to the decision of the Union of Public Transport as to this problem. With the establishment of dedicated "smoking zones", Helvetic Vape denounces a lack of legal basis, lack of justification and endangering vapers.


The Union des Transports Publics (UTP) has announced that it wants to confine the vapers to new smoking areas on the CFF train platforms from this June 1er. This despite the lack of legal basis, the lack of justification, the danger of vapers and without taking into account the proposals of Helvetic Vape.

Condemning vapers to passive smoking in smoking areas on station platforms has no legal basis and puts their health at risk. Vaping products are not tobacco products, technically and legally. They will be clearly differentiated in the future law on tobacco products, cannabis and vaping (LPTab), according to the express request made by Parliament in 2016 [1].

A threat to the integrity of vapers

By trying to force the vapoteurs to undergo passive smoking in smoking areas, the Union of Public Transport (UTP) exposes them to high risks for their health. Studies have shown an increased risk of lung cancer from 10% to 30% for those around them. A fortiori, people who have stopped smoking with the help of vaping, but whose weaning is not yet consolidated, are subject to a high risk of relapse.

In this, the action taken by the Federal Railways (SBB), following the decision of the UTP, is a threat to the physical integrity of their vaping customers. The fact that nearly 10000 people die from smoking-related diseases each year in Switzerland can not be discounted in this dossier. While more than 60% of smokers say they want to stop smoking [2]. Vape is an effective way to get rid of smoking and its misdeeds [3].

An absence of consideration

In addition to its lack of a current and future legal basis, the UTP's anti-vaping decision was taken without consultation with representatives of the parties concerned. The management of the UTP did not want to follow up on the proposals made to it by Helvetic Vape. Yet the justifications given in the savings press about the cost of collecting butts and air protection are absolutely irrelevant regarding vaping.

Without tobacco, paper or filters, vaping does not produce cigarette butts or ashes. Its process of vaporizing a liquid releases no carbon monoxide or tars, which are the two main types of toxic cigarette smoke. Vapotage measurements in confined spaces have shown no air pollution with a significant health impact for those around us [4]. There is no valid justification for mixing smoking with smoking in open spaces such as station platforms.

Take care of your health, avoid smoking areas

The Helvetic Vape Association recommends that vapers not put their health at risk and avoid standing in smoking areas. In the absence of an area exclusively dedicated to the vapers, we urge the vapoteurs to show their civility and savoir-vivre by vaping in a discreet and non-invasive way towards the other users of the quays of station.

[1] Return of the 1er bill LPTab in 2016: http://helveticvape.ch/vote-du-conseil-des-etats-en-faveur-du-renvoi-du-projet-de-loi-sur-les-produits-du-tabac/
[2] Swiss Health Survey 2017 https://www.bfs.admin.ch/news/fr/2018-0361
[3] Clinical study: The New England Journal of Medicine (Feb 2019): A Randomized Trial of E-Cigarettes versus Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Peter Hajek et al. https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa1808779
Epidemiological follow-up: In Addiction (may 2019): Moderators of real-world effectiveness of smoking cessation: a population study - Sarah Jackson et al. - https://doi.org/10.1111/add.14656
[4] See in particular the Public Health England Scientific Report (2018) page 162 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/e-cigarettes-and-heated-tobacco-products-evidence-review
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