SWITZERLAND: E-liquids with nicotine soon allowed?

SWITZERLAND: E-liquids with nicotine soon allowed?

Vape users should be able to buy nicotine in Switzerland for their e-cigarette. But the latter should be associated with a normal cigarette, in the future prohibited from sale at least 18 years and subject to advertising restrictions. The Federal Council submitted Wednesday to Parliament its draft new law on tobacco products. Despite criticisms in consultation, he has only slightly retouched his proposals, which he considers balanced. Apart from clarifying the delegation of powers to the government, it only reiterated the ban on the supply of tobacco products by minors.

An alternative for smokers

By authorizing the sale of electronic cigarettes with nicotine, the Minister of Health Alain Berset wants to offer smokers a less harmful alternative to health. Without considering the e-cigarette as a therapeutic product. The current situation, which obliges vapers to buy their flasks of liquid with nicotine abroad is not satisfactory. The new legislation will finally establish requirements on composition, declaration and labeling.

Issues to be resolved

The introduction of a maximum nicotine level will only be decided by the Federal Council at the level of the prescription. The European Union (EU) limits the concentration to 20 mg / ml and allows only cartridges of 10 ml at most.

Another question that will have to be settled by prescription: the addition of substances giving a vanilla or other taste. The law would authorize the Federal Council to ban ingredients that lead to a significant increase in toxicity, dependence or facilitating inhalation. He could also decide by this means if he wants to twist the neck with mentholated cibiche that the EU will ban in 2020. Even though they are considered less harmful, e-cigarettes should still be subject to the same restrictions as traditional cigarettes. No question of vaping in places where it is already forbidden to smoke.

Protecting health and the economy

The Federal Council also plans to toughen legislation to better protect young people against smoking. It does not want to go as far as most European countries in this area. It is for him to weigh the interests between public health and economic freedom. The minimum age to buy a package of "dry" should be raised to 18 years throughout Switzerland. Ten cantons have already taken the plunge. Twelve cantons (AG / AR / FR / GL / GR / LU / SG / SW / TG ​​/ UR / VS / ZH) currently authorize the sale to minors between 16 and 18. Four cantons (GE / OW / SZ / AI) have no legislation.

It will now also be possible to make test purchases to check that these requirements are met. The ban on vending machines, claimed by the Lung Association, is not on the agenda. Automata must however prevent access to minors, an obligation that currently requires to slip a token or his ID card in the device.

Restricted advertising

In advertising, advertisements for tobacco products would no longer be allowed on posters in the public space or in cinemas, in the print media, or on the Internet. The supply of free samples should also be prohibited, while the granting of discounts on the price of cigarettes would only be partially allowed. The sponsorship of festivals and open air of national importance would continue to be legal but not that of international events. It would still be possible to advertise items that are directly related to tobacco or in retail outlets but not on everyday consumer items.

No more giving away gifts to consumers or giving away winnings at contests. Direct promotion by hostesses would still be allowed, as well as personal advertising directed at adult consumers.

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