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SWITZERLAND: New law "threatens" e-cigarettes and makes debate ...
SWITZERLAND: New law "threatens" e-cigarettes and makes debate ...

SWITZERLAND: New law "threatens" e-cigarettes and makes debate ...

This is not really new the situation of the electronic cigarette in Switzerland is complicated. The ban on nicotine e-liquids in the country greatly complicates the expansion of vaping and makes it difficult for smokers to quit. However, the situation could settle with a new bill currently under consideration but the price to pay seems so heavy that an opposition has already been put in place.


As our confreres reveal " Vaping Post It is clearly the deal that would be proposed! If thanks to this proposed federal law on tobacco products and electronic cigarettes (LPTab) the use of nicotine in e-liquid would be allowed, the price would be heavy. Indeed, this bill would impose many restrictions and obligations on the products of the vape:

- Prohibition of sales to minors
- Limitation of advertising and promotion
- Quality standards would be set for vaping products
- Prohibition of consumption in public places
- Specific tax to finance the research

And this is a tough dilemma for the electronic cigarette industry in Switzerland. If such a law would be perfect for many vapers and professionals of the vape, it is clearly not unanimous. Indeed, the University of Geneva has already launched an appeal to oppose this bill even if this position taken by Jean François Etter more about the inadequacy of advertising bans on cigarettes than the situation of vaping.


Some will say that this "deal" is disproportionate and simply unacceptable, others will say that freedom always has a price. Still, Switzerland and the vapers will have to choose between a potential legalization of nicotine or a massive rejection of this new bill. As our confreres reveal " Vaping Post", A position system is set up, which allows everyone to express their opposition to this project.

If you feel concerned and this bill seems unfair, know that as a foreigner you can also react, your opinions will be taken into account.

To oppose this bill, go to:…
- Download the file
position statement: FRANC__Tobacco Products Act Consultation_2018.docx
Return by email to: ou

The deadline is set at 23 Mars 2018

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