SWITZERLAND: Ploom, the tobacco spray arrives in the country!

SWITZERLAND: Ploom, the tobacco spray arrives in the country!

In Switzerland, the tobacco company Japan Tobacco based in Geneva launches a new tobacco vaporizer presented as "hybrid". With his ploom, he hopes that the absence of smoke will one day allow consumers to produce volutes again in public places.


Smoking in flight? This practice could return to the taste of the day. This is at least the wish expressed by Japan Tobacco International (JTI). To prove that his new products are consistent with promiscuity, the owner of Camel and Winston invited journalists to a flight on Friday. An hour and a half during which they could test Ploom Tech.

Ploom Tech is a derivative of Ploom, the heating cigarette that JTI has been selling since 2011. It is to announce its launch in Switzerland that the Japanese tobacco company, whose world headquarters is in Geneva, had invited the press to the Zurich aerodrome of Dübendorf.

Since nicotine e-liquids are banned for sale in Switzerland, JTI has entered the breach. Ploom Tech is not an e-cigarette. It consists of three parts. A battery, a cartridge of liquid and a capsule of tobacco with a capacity of 50 puffs, promises the group. The device is presented as "a hybrid technology to create tobacco smoke by heating a nicotine-free liquid that passes through a capsule containing granulated tobacco". Until now, Ploom Tech was marketed only in Japan. In Switzerland, it will be available in about 1500 outlets.

JTI is therefore authorized to sell its new product which, according to him, would make it possible to inhale 99% of harmful constituents in less, compared to a cigarette that burns. On the other hand, the question of their consumption is not yet settled. In the planes? "It's a long-term wish. The proximity of the passengers makes the question even more delicate than that of public places like restaurantss, temperate Yasuhiro Nakajima, the person in charge ofemerging productsAt JTI.

John Aurlund, the Director General for Switzerland, recalls "In theory, only the canton of Zurich banned tobacco sprays in public places". In the other cantons, it is the traditional cigarette which is proscribed. Other products are subject to multiple interpretations as long as political discussions are not completed.

John Aurlund has two wishes: that the authorities take into account the new technologies coming from the tobacco industry, such as Ploom and those that will follow. But also that "Harmony can be found between smokers and non-smokers". In other words, non-smokers realize that Ploom Tech does not smell, only emits steam and is not a nuisance.

In Japan, where Ploom Tech is sold since 2016, some restaurants are still smokers. Others are no longer, it is the free choice of tenants. As for sidewalks, where it is strictly forbidden to reject scrolls, JTI also exchanges with local authorities. "We do not want to be too aggressive, we know very well that there is resistances, "concedes Yasuhiro Nakajima.


JTI is not alone in thinking of a return to grace of its products in public places. In Lausanne, Philip Morris wants to integrate a coffee shop at his shop dedicated to his IQOS, in Flon. A place where consumption of his product will be allowed. This idea displeases some elected officials who accuse Philip Morris to take advantage of the legal uncertainty. "In the light of existing doubts about harmfulness, the precautionary principle should take precedences, "says the Socialist MP Fabienne Freymond Cantone, the author of an interpellation at the Grand Conseil vaudois.

Dispel doubts, JTI does it. On Friday, his communications agency gave the journalists present a legal opinion. Brand new and ordered to Urs Saxer. On twelve pages, this professor of law from the University of Zurich compares and opposes traditional cigarettes and Ploom from a legal point of view. He concludes thatPloom is not to be considered as a traditional tobacco product [...] it does not fall under the ban in Zurich».

After the legal questions, place at the stake ofharmony between smokers and non-smokers". At the end of the press conference, the journalists took place in Aunt JU. This is the nickname of this corrugated iron aircraft manufactured by the German company Junkers, from the 30 years. Mad Men atmosphere guaranteed. But once in flight, over the Grisons Alps, few Ploom were consumed in the cabin. One or two, at most. No doubt the force of habit.

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