SWITZERLAND: Tobacco banned from minors all over the country!

SWITZERLAND: Tobacco banned from minors all over the country!

In Switzerland, the new tobacco law also regulates vaping. On the other hand, it abandons advertising bans, which are much criticized.


The sale of cigarettes should be banned at least 18 years in Switzerland, while snus and e-cigarettes with nicotine can be marketed. The Withfederal seil on Friday passed to Parliament the new law on tobacco.

A first bill had flipped to Parliament in 2016 mainly because of the ban on advertising for tobacco, wanted by the Federal Council. The reformulated project now provides for no new advertising restrictions.

Advertising will only be prohibited if it is targeted at minors, which is already the case. Switzerland will become the least restrictive country in Europe in this area. The cantons will, however, have the possibility to enact stricter provisions if they so wish.

The ban on the sale of tobacco to minors will be extended to all of Switzerland, the majority of smokers starting to consume tobacco before the age of 18, explains the Federal Council. At present, 11 cantons prohibit the sale to minors while 12 have set the minimum age to 16 years. Three cantons pose no limit.


Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine will be allowed. But in return, vaping - with or without nicotine - and tobacco products to heat will be prohibited in places where it is currently banned from smoking.

Electronic cigarettes will thus be subject to the Protection against Passive Smoking Act. They will be banned from selling to minors too. But they will be regulated differently from traditional cigarettes in terms of warnings and safety requirements.

As for snus, tobacco consumed orally, it can be marketed in Switzerland. It will be the subject of a specific warning about the dependence and health risks involved in its consumption.

In Switzerland, 27% of the population of 15 years and over smoke. Every year, 9500 people die prematurely as a result of smoking (ie 15% of deaths in Switzerland).

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