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UNITED KINGDOM: The reality of vaping pointed out by the new ASH report!

UNITED KINGDOM: The reality of vaping pointed out by the new ASH report!

Every year since 2010 in the UK, theASH (Action on Smoking and Health) offers data which are taken from an annual survey, Smokefree UK, produced by YouGov. In conclusion of this report for the year 2021, we discover new realities on vaping that are far from the slanders proposed all day long by many media, associations and governments.


This new survey proposed by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) includes the results of the 2021 survey conducted in February and March 2021. In conclusion, we unsurprisingly uncover some truths and realities that are often overlooked.

In conclusion of this 2021 report we learn :

  • That after dropping for the first time last year, the proportion of the adult population using e-cigarettes has increased this year to reach 7,1 %, as in 2019, or 3,6 million people.
  • That nearly two-thirds of current vapers are former smokers (64,6%), and the proportion continues to grow, while the proportion of smokers (called double users) has fallen to 30,5% in 2021.

  • That the proportion of adult smokers who have never tried electronic cigarettes continue to slowly decline to reach 30,1 % in 2021, while the proportion of smokers who are current users has remained stable.

  • That less than 1 % vapers who have never smoked are current vapers.

What conclusions regarding the attitude of the population towards vaping ?

  • As in previous years, the main reason given by ex-smokers for vaping is to help quitting (36 %) then relapse prevention (20 %)
  • The main reason current smokers give for vaping is to reduce (26 %) then help them stop (17 %) and prevent relapses (14 %).

  • Almost a third of smokers mistakenly believe that vaping is more or just as harmful as smoking (32% against 34% in 2020).

  • To find out more about this new ASH report, you can find it in full at this address.

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