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WEANING: Stress is the leading cause of relapse among smokers.

WEANING: Stress is the leading cause of relapse among smokers.

When it comes to quitting smoking, only 11% of French people call on a general practitioner or a tobacco specialist. When the quit attempt fails, it is because of a period of significant stress, according to an IFOP survey published this Tuesday, May 16, two weeks before World No Tobacco Day on May 31.


69% of smokers say they have tried to quit smoking, including 42% several times, but only 11% of them consulted a health professional during their last attempt, according to an IFOP / Pfizer France survey.

To achieve this, 52% of smokers used their own will, without support during their last attempt to quit smoking, according to the study.

Among the reasons for failure, smokers mainly mention stress (37%) and fear of withdrawal (15%). To a lesser extent, the temptation of a offered cigarette made 12% of respondents relapse and 10% living with a smoker. 9% resumed smoking after gaining weight and 3% felt isolated from smokers around them.

To succeed once and for all, smokers are divided as to what to do next: 51% say they are ready to seek medical treatment, including 24% accompanied by a health professional, against 24% of refractory who think they can stop alone.

 Among those who do not wish to seek treatment (49%), reimbursement of care could motivate 44% of them to quit smoking and 38% to consult a doctor for medical support, according to the study.

According to the doctor Anne-Laurence Le Faou, head of the ambulatory addictology center at the Georges-Pompidou European hospital in Paris, nearly one in two people who manage to be abstinent for a month increases the chances of quitting at one year. " There is about five times the odds of staying sober for one year after continuing withdrawal for one month" page (in French).

The IFOP / Pfizer France survey was conducted among 1103 smokers - taken from a sample of 3600 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over by self-administered online questionnaire from April 5 to 10, 2017. Tobacco remains the most commonplace. leading cause of death in France with 78 deaths per year, including 000 from cancer. A third of the population smokes (47.000%), of which 33% are men and 38% are women.

The average number of cigarettes smoked daily by regular consumers fell from 15,1 cigarettes per day in 2005 to 13,6 in 2010, according to figures from Inpes.

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