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SOCIETY: World “No Tobacco” or “Vaping” Day, it's up to you!

SOCIETY: World “No Tobacco” or “Vaping” Day, it's up to you!

Almost nobody talks about it and yet… Launched in 1987 by the World Health Organization, you have inevitably heard of “ World No Tobacco Day "Which takes place this Monday, May 31, 2021 but do you know" World vaping day Which took place yesterday, May 30, 2021? A real counter-footing to the behavior of the WHO, this day celebrates the choice to move to " a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle  »Without stigmatizing vapers and even smokers. 


Today, May 31, 2021, there is an event that you will inevitably hear about: it is obviously about " World No Tobacco Day »Launched in 1987 by the World Health Organization (WHO). This year, it focuses on the harmful and deadly effects of smoking and supports all who want to "make a commitment to quit." However, and this is nothing new, the WHO is also rushing into the virulent criticism of vaping, which currently remains the only effective risk reduction alternative to smoking.

Regarding the fight against smoking, However, the figures show each year the scale of the disaster :

  • One in four young French people smoke, this is the lowest level measured since 2000 but it remains high compared to other countries;
  • 120 people die each year from tobacco or alcohol in France, " it's one Covid per year »Declares the addictologist Amine Benyamina ;
  • Tobacco kills 20 women per year (twice as many as 000 years ago. And 35% of stroke deaths in women under 50 are attributable to tobacco;
  • The latest figures show that smoking has increased among the third of the population with the lowest incomes (33,3% of daily smokers in 2020 against 29,8% in 2019).

Despite the emergency, WHO continues its foul propaganda on vaping stating: that "  the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as a withdrawal aid has not been demonstrated  "Or that" Switching from traditional tobacco products to vaping is not about freeing yourself from smoking. ". Deceptive and dangerous claims that make the spread of this "vaccine" against smoking more and more difficult.

As a reminder, in the United Kingdom, they were nearly 26% to smoke in 2011 against 16% today. And vaping is not for nothing! From 2014, the Public Health England (Public Health) said vaping was at minimum 95% less harmful than smoking. In addition, the policies that promote this alternative are now reaping the benefits of an urgent health initiative. So yes, we do not know everything, but we do know for example more than about the vaccine against the Covid-19.


For a convinced vaper, it is difficult to participate in this World No Tobacco Day which stigmatizes the e-cigarette and condemns smokers to the use of products that do not work much (patches, gums, drugs, etc.). To counterbalance this old WHO initiative which does not evolve with time, there is now the " World Vape Day " or " World vaping day "Which highlights" a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle '. Worn by INNCO, CAPHRA (Asia), HOME (Africa) and the ARDT (Latin America), this day which takes place on May 30 each year reminds us of the proven effectiveness of an alternative to reducing the risks of smoking: vaping!

To find out more about this alternative to World No Tobacco Day, visit the World Vape Day official website.

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