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HELP: Result of the investigation.

HELP: Result of the investigation.


Who are the vapers? What are they vaping? Etc….

Aiduce launched a major survey in early October to answer all of its questions and get to know vapers better.

We can see that:

- There were 4262 participants including a large majority of men.
- 92% of vapers who responded to the survey are French.
- 80% of participants started smoking before or at the age of 18.
- n ° 1 of the answer to " why did you start vaping? Is: To stop smoking.
- 91% fear drastic regulations.
- 96% encourage their friends to try vaping.
- 54% of participants are certain of a risk of returning to tobacco with the ban on vaping in public places or in the workplace.

For the full result of the survey, here is the link:

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