Today we take you to the famous manufacturer Dotmod to discover a new box AIO (all-in-one): The DotAIO. Want to know more ? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast!


Never change a winning team ! The famous American manufacturer Dotmod is preparing today to launch a new box AIO (all-in-one) that will clearly make noise: The DotAIO.

Entirely designed in zinc alloy and plastic, the DotAIO is compact, ergonomic and quite sober. Design side, we can not be wrong, it's all Dotmod spit! Yet we can not help but make the connection with a box become mythical: the famous Ticket Box. Available in several colors (gray, yellow, blue, red), the DotAIO once again surprises with its sobriety mixing simplicity and luxury. On the main facade, there is an engraved switch (dotmod sauce) and an opening window to control the level of e-liquid remaining. On the side, the DotAIO includes a micro-usb socket that will be used for a possible reloading.

Powered by a simple 18650 battery, the DotAIO has a maximum power of 30 watts. Around the switch box, a LED indicates the power that changes via a button under the hood of the mod. Pressing it will give you four levels of power: Very Soft, Soft, Medium and Strong. Depending on the resistance used, the power ratio will be different:

  • With a resistance between 0.30 ohm and 0.50 ohm, the power is: 20W (very soft), 25W (Soft), 30W (Medium), 35W (Strong)
  • With a resistance between 1.60 ohms and 1.80 ohms, the power is: 8W (very soft), 10W (Soft), 12W (Medium), 14W (Strong)

We talk about an AIO box (All in One or all-in-one) which means that the clearomizer is integrated. To accompany the battery we will find a refillable tank with a maximum capacity of 2,7 ml which is filled by the side (by removing the lid). For operation, simply insert a suitable resistor: 1.60 ceramic ohms or 0.30 ohm mesh, it should be noted that the DotAIO also accepts Aspire's famous BVC Nautilus resistors. The DotAIO also has an air-flow system that is materialized by a base with control ring where the resistance is fixed, practical and ingenious! Finally, the DotAIO will be delivered with two different drip-tips: A wide drip-tip for use in DL (resistance 0,30 ohm) and a fine drip-tip in Ultem for MTL (resistance 1,60 ohms).


Finish : Zinc Alloy / Plastic
Dimensions : 86.15 mm x 23 mm x 46.20 mm
Type : AIO Box (All in one / All-in-one)
Energy : 1 18650 Accu
Puissance : 35 watts maximum
Fashion : Variable Power (Very Soft, Soft, Medium and Strong)
Range of resistance : 0.28 - 2.5ohm
containing : Rechargeable Pod
Capacity : 2,7 ml
Reloading : By the side
Resistors : 1.60 ohm ceramic / 0.30 ohm mesh / BVC Nautilus
Air-flow : Modular ring on resistance base
Usb : For reloading
Drip-tip : 1 Wide 510 and 1 Late 510
Sign in : owner
Color : Black, blue, red, yellow


The new box DotAIO by Dotmod will be available soon for 100 Euros about.

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