BATCH INFO: Minikin V3 (Asmodus)

BATCH INFO: Minikin V3 (Asmodus)

Today we take you to the famous modder Asmodus to discover a new electronic box: The Minikin V3. Want to know more ? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast.


For years now, the Asmodus modm has been offering high quality boxes, both through its "Minikin" range and its other models such as Lustro. Today, Asmodus launches its new vintage of a box of "legend": The Minikin V3.

Entirely designed in zinc alloy, the Minikin V3 is a compact, ergonomic and always elegant box. Aesthetically we remain sober as the V2 model and the grip will always be nice thanks to the rounded edges of the box. Available in several colors (black, red, purple, brown) the new Minikin V3 will clearly appeal to the vapers in search of quality and simplicity. On the main facade there will be a large round switch, a customizable touch screen and a micro-usb socket for reloading and updating the firmware.

Equipped with a powerful GX-200-UTC chipset and working with two 18650 batteries, the Minikin V3 box has a maximum power of 200 watts. This is also equipped with an accelerometer that allows you to change the color of the screen by shaking it firmly 3 times (7 different colors). The Minikin V3 will obviously be usable with several modes of operation including the variable power, the curve, and the control of temperature (Ni200 / Ti / SS316L). Thanks to the new chipset, the Minikin V3 offers a haptic feedback sensor that emits vibrations in case of error (low resistance, short circuit ...). To navigate the menus you do not need a switch, just use your fingers on the touch screen.


Finish : Zinc Alloy
Dimensions : 84.5 mm x 47 mm x 37 mm
Type : Electronic box
chipset : GX-200-UTC
Energy : 2 18650 Accu
Puissance : 5 to 120 Watts (CT) / 5 to 200 Watts (Variable Power)
Modes : Variable power / CT / Curve
Temperature range : 212-572 ° F / 100-300 ° C
Range of resistance : 0.1 - 3.0 ohms
Usb : For Reloading / Firmware Update
Screen : Oled color touch Crisp
Option : Accelerometer / haptic feedback sensor
Protection : Yes (polarity reversal, short-cuicuits ...)
Sign in : 510
Color : black, red, purple, brown


The new box Minikin V3 by Asmodus is now available for 80 Euros about.

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