BATCH INFO: Mixx (Aspire / Sunbox)

BATCH INFO: Mixx (Aspire / Sunbox)

Today we take you to the Chinese giant Aspire in order to present to you a new electronic box designed in collaboration with Sunbox : The Mixx. Want to know more about this new nugget to come? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast!


For some time now, the giant Aspire manages to surprise us with new creations. Today, the Chinese manufacturer is partnering with Sunbox, a large Italian brand specializing in the high-end to offer us what seems to be a real nugget: the Mixx box.

Entirely designed in satin anodized aluminum and surgical quality stainless steel, the Mixx is a compact, ergonomic and high-end electronic box. On the design side, it clearly refers to many models of high-end mechanical boxes often reserved for connoisseurs of vaping. Clean, elegant, the making of the Mixx is no coincidence. Indeed, it is cut directly in steel and aluminum and requires 30 minutes of manufacturing raw material with ultra stylized finishes. Difficult not to let bewitch by this beautiful piece! On its main facade, the Mixx has a large round switch, on the side there are two variation buttons. Under the box, an Oled 0.91 ″ screen will give you the information you need for a quality vape.

Discreet, the Mixx works with a simple 18650 battery that installs from above but also offers a tube that brings up to date an almost forgotten battery: the 18350. Equipped with an ASP chipset, the Mixx will have a power maximum of 60 watts more than enough for a “classic” vape. There are two modes of use including variable power or bypass (mechanical mode). Practical, the new Mixx box will accept all reconstructable atomizers and clearomizers with a maximum diameter of 24 mm, difficult to do better. Finally, the Mixx box was designed to be fast and powerful, without springs in its battery cover, the voltage losses are enormously reduced. With its conductivity at the rendezvous, prepare for a flawless quality of vape.


Finish : Satin anodized aluminum / Stainless Steel
Type : Electronic box
Dimensions : - with 18650 battery: 48mm x 83mm x 24mm
- with a 18350 battery: 48mm x 53mm x 24mm
Weight : Unknown
chipset : ASP
Energy : 1 battery 18650/18350
Puissance : From 1 to 60 watts
Modes : Variable power / Bypass
Max atomizer diameter 24mm
Screen : Oled 0,91 "
Sign in : 510
Color : Three models to choose from


The new electronic box Mixx by Aspire / Sunbox will be available soon for 65 Euros about.

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