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BATCH INFO: North Kit 1100mAh (Smok)

BATCH INFO: North Kit 1100mAh (Smok)

Today we take you to the Chinese giant " Smok To discover a new podmod: The North Kit 1100mAh. Want to know more ? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast.


Accustomed to offer advanced enough equipment for expert vapers, the Chinese giant Smok proves that he is able to address primavapoteurs with a new podmod: North 1100mAh.

Rectangular and completely designed in zinc alloy and plastic, the Nord 1100mAh kit is a very compact podmod, ergonomic and design. Aesthetically successful, the North 1100mAh is placed on the same line as its competitors like the Aspire Breeze 2 and will be available in several colors (Black, gold, blue, green, red ...)

This all-in-one kit consists of an internal 1100mAh battery that will charge directly with the micro-usb and a pod with a capacity of 3ml. Side use, the operation will be quite simple, indeed it will be sufficient to use the central switch to turn on the device or to make "fire" (between 10 and 15 watts).

For its part the pod will work with two types of resistors: 0.6 ohm for those who wish sub-ohm and 1.4 ohm for those who want an indirect inhalation vape (MTL).


Finish : Zinc Alloy / Plastic
Dimensions : 94 mm × 30 mm × 18.8 mm
Type : Refillable Podmod
Energy : Internal Battery 1100mAh
Reloading : By micro-usb jack
Puissance : From 10 to 15 watts
containing : Pod
Capacity : 3 ml
Reloading : From below the pod
Resistors : 0,6 ohm / 1,4 ohm
SIGN IN : Owner
Color : Black, gold, blue, green, red


The new podmod North 1100mAh »Par Smok will be available soon for 30 Euros about.

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