BATCH INFO: Taifun GX (Smokerstore)

BATCH INFO: Taifun GX (Smokerstore)

Today we take you to the German house of Smokerstore in order to present to you the new version of an atomizer which is now "mythical": The Taifun. After the GT, GT2, GTR… The German vaping industry uses its precision and its know-how to delight with the new Taifun GX. Want to know more about this novelty? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast!


If it is clearly not necessary to recall who is Smokerstore, we will insist above all on the fact that in the world of the vape, Taifun it is an absolute reference as regards high-end atomizer (or "high-end "). Today, the range is enriched with a new one that will always speak for itself: The Taifun GX.

Entirely designed in stainless steel and borosilicate glass, the Taifun GX is obviously a high precision vapor tool as robust as it is reliable. This new model presents itself to us with an atypical design that could "come from another world". Clean, recognizable, the Taifun GX immediately catches the eye with its wing-shaped design (a habit for this range).

With a diameter of 23 mm, the Taifun GX is a latest generation Top-Coil atomizer that will adapt to most boxes and mods on the market. The fact of having its resistance on the top allows it to offer a rendering of flavors close to a dripper while having a tank available.

Thanks to its fin-shaped design, the cooling of the atomization chamber is ensured. The Taifun GX has a pyrex tank with a maximum capacity of 4 ml. Specificity of top-coil atomizers, we will find two stainless steel cables allowing the e-liquid to ensure capillarity up to the resistance located at the top. The filling of the tank will be done very simply by turning the ring provided for this purpose which leaves room for a slot, practical it will not be necessary to remove the top-cap. This ring on the Taifun GX will also adjust the air supply.

Equipped with a simple and accessible tray, the Taifun GX offers a certain ease of assembly and it will even be possible to use thick resistive wires. The latest from Smokerstore is used in restrictive direct inhalation mode. Several Air Discs are available as an option in order to directly influence the airflow. The Taifun GX can also be used without Air Disc to make the airflow more open. The Air Discs included have 3 channels of 1,8 mm each.


Finish : Stainless Steel / Borosilicate Glass
Type : Top-coil atomizer
Diameter 23mm
Plateau : Double coil
Capacity : 4 ml maximum
Filling : By the top
Air-flow : Yes (customization optional)
Drip-tip : 510
Sign in : 510
Color : Unique


Le Taifun GX by Smokerstore is now available for 170 Euros about.

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