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BATCH INFO: Trident 100W Waterproof (Vandy Vape)

BATCH INFO: Trident 100W Waterproof (Vandy Vape)

Today we take you to the famous manufacturer Vandy Vape to discover a new secure mechanical mod: The Trident 100W Waterproof. Want to know more ? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast.


Recognized as a reliable and ingenious manufacturer, Vandy Vape today signs a new creation in tube format: The Trident 100W Waterproof.

Entirely designed in stainless steel and silicone, the Trident 100W is a secure mechanical mod very compact and above all ergonomic. With its tube format and 27 mm diameter, the Trident imposes and would almost think of a lightsaber jedi although his name rather inspires a famous weapon of the ancient Greco-Roman which is also the attribute of Poseidon. The new Vandy Vape Trident 100W mod will be available in several colors (Black, Khaki, Beige and Gray) and remains simple with a switch on the front and not the bottom cap. The good news with this model tube is that it is beefy! IP67 waterproof, it will not be afraid of water, shocks and even less dust!

Powered by an 18650 battery that is installed from the bottom, the Trident is a safe mechanical mod that works bypass and can reach the maximum power of 100 watts. To simplify the autonomy system, Vandy Vape has equipped the switch of its Mod Trident with two side LEDs that indicate the remaining charge. The power developed by Trident mod will obviously depend on the charge of your battery and many securities will avoid the inconvenience of a classic mechanical mod.

If you opt for the complete kit, the Trident 100W mod will come with a Trident clearomizer. Entirely designed in stainless steel and pyrex, this model includes a tank with a maximum capacity of 3,5 ml and a pyrex bulb of 5 ml which will fill from above. Aesthetic and adapting perfectly to the Trident mod, the new Vandy Vape clearomizer will work with 80 0.15 ohm Mesh resistors for a powerful direct inhalation (DL) vape. It will also obtain 50 0.30ohm Mesh resistors sold separately. The Trident Clearomizer also features a modular air-flow ring on its base that will allow you to manage your onion draw. Finally, this new model has a classic 510 connection and will come with an 810 drip.


Mod Trident

Finish : Stainless steel / Silicone
Dimensions : 92 mm x 27 mm
Weight : 270 grams (complete kit)
Type : Secure mechanical mod
Énergie : 1 18650 Accu
Puissance : 100 watts maximum
Voltage range : 3,2 - 4,2V
Fashion : Bypass
Autonomy : LED indicator (pink, blue, red)
Operation : Switch
Protections : Anti shock, Anti dust, waterproof
SIGN IN : 510
Color : Black, khaki, beige and gray

Trident Clearomizer

Finish : Stainless steel / Pyrex
Dimensions : 45 mm x 26 mm
Type : Sub-ohm clearomizer
Capacity : 3,5 ml (5 ml with bulb)
Filling : By the top
Resistors : 80 Mesh 0.15 ohm / Mesh 50 0.30ohm
Air-flow : Modular ring on the base
SIGN IN : 510
Drip-tip : 810
Color : Steel or black (drip-tip Black, khaki, beige and gray)


The new mod Trident 100W by Vandy Vape is now available only for 40 euros about and in kit for 60 euros about.

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