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BATCH INFO: Vauban (Volute Modz)

BATCH INFO: Vauban (Volute Modz)

Today we take you to the French moddeur Volute Modz to introduce you to a new mono-coil dripper: Vauban. Want to know more about this new nugget that will be proposed from the next edition of Vapexpo? Well, let's go for a complete presentation of the beast.


Specialized in material with irreproachable finish, the French moderator Volute Modz presents today his new creation which bears the very symbolic name of Vauban. A little history lesson, Vauban, that is to say Sébastien Le PrestreMarquis de Vauban was an engineer, military architect, town planner, hydraulic engineer and French essayist. Known and recognized, he was named marshal of France by Louis XIV.

But let's go back to our (our) sheep. The new nugget presented by Volute Modz is a mono-coil dripper 22 mm diameter designed to be simple to assemble and be very versatile. With Vauban, sobriety and elegance are at the rendezvous! This dripper will be available in several colors and finish (Polished, black, satin).

The design includes a notch for the positioning of the axis of resistance. At the clamping studs a wide gap is present to facilitate the insertion of the resistance without torsion, as well as a rear clearance to easily cut the wires without risk of short circuit. The screws are custom machined to provide grip and ideal clamping capacity.

The air ducts allow optimal cooling of the resistance and are interchangeable, allowing to obtain a flow of air adapted to the power of the assembly realized and a rendering of the precise and unaltered flavors. Fine adjustment is possible by rotating the top-cap. The draw obtained offers a range from very tight (MTL) to very open. Versatile, the Vauban can also be used in squonk since it comes with a 510 bottom-feeder plot.


Finish : Zinc Alloy / Ultem
Diameter 22mm
Plateau : Mono-coil
Type of inhalation : MTL
Air-flow : Interchangeable air ducts (6 mono / dual airflow configurations) + fine tuning
Drip-tip : Drip-top integrated compatible drip-tips 510
Sign in : 510 / 510 BF
Color : Polished polished, polished black, satin


The new dripper Vauban »Par Volute Modz will be available from 5 October 2019 at Vapexpo Paris-Villepinte. It is now available for pre-order for 130 Euros.

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  1. nmulard

    Small grinding on the materials: all the metal parts sound in stainless steel (no zinc), the insulation in Peek, the inserts in Ultem, the driptip in Delrin, the joints in Viton.
    The price is 120 €, without shipping costs for the duration of the pre-order.

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