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BATCH INFO: Zenith II (Innokin)

BATCH INFO: Zenith II (Innokin)

Today let's go to the discovery of a new clearomizer proposed by the famous Chinese firm Innokin, it's about Zenith II. Want to know more ? Well let's go for a full presentation of the beast.


It's a small event in vaping that has just happened with the arrival of the new version of a clearomizer that has become legendary: The Zenith. The Chinese manufacturer Innokin has indeed just launched its Zenith II, a new MTL monster (indirect inhalation) for beginner vapers and others! Entirely designed in stainless steel and pyrex, the Zenith II is therefore a revisited version of the famous bestseller in the clearomiser category. Keeping the same principle in terms of design, the Zenith II nevertheless appears with more refined, more pleasant lines. There will be a tank with a maximum capacity of 5,5 ml which will fill from the top thanks to a dedicated inlet equipped with child safety. Precision clearomizer, the Zenith II has an improved air-flow ring, by simply rotating the ring located at the base of the tank, you can go from a tight draw to a relatively aerial draw. On the resistance side, you will have two possibilities, the first in 0,80 ohm (9 and 12 watts) and the second in 1,6 ohm (10 and 14 watts).

Finish : Stainless Steel / Pyrex
Type : Clearomizer
Dimensions : 26 mm x 51,7 mm
Weight : Unknown

Capacity  : 5,5 ml maximum
Filling : By the top
Coils : 0,8 ohm / 1,6 ohm
Air-flow : Control ring
Sign in : 510
Drip-tip : 510
Color : 3 models to choose



The new clearomizer « Zenith ii »Par Innokin will be available soon for 30 euros about.

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