BATCH / INTERVIEW - Vengeance by "Paradigm"

BATCH / INTERVIEW - Vengeance by "Paradigm"

Following a great success of the "Magma" dripper of its function, we see a good look at the new ato, our partner "Paradigm".

Coming straight from the Philippines, we will see together what he has in his stomach.

The " Vengeance Of his name, will be just like his brother in 22 mm diameter, with on the 4 plots board ( 2 negative and 2 positive), there will also be 4 airholes Direct under the coils for optimized flavor / steam

La airflow control ring will be when reworked to be able to vape with assemblies in dual or quad without asking too many questions.

We will find on the filling tank and the Dome of his predecessor.

Great change on top cap will no longer be screwed but will hold on o-rings.

The ato will be delivered with a drip-top in delrin.

This is what can be read on the poster announcing the pre-orders for the new baby from " Paradigm ".

It's through a small interview of " P »That we will make you discover this new dripper and at the same time this team of moders now recognized in the world.


Writing: The "Magma" was a RDA with a very good rendering of flavors, does "Vengeance" follow the same path?

P : With Vengeance you will have twice as much flavor and steam.

Writing : We can see in the photos that the airflow ring is flush with the top cap, so we know that many people have complained about the Magma, is it an answer to your fans to have it changed?

P : Yes, that's what people told us the most, so we decided to give them what they wanted, and yes, it was not a bad idea at all. 🙂

Writing : We are against the promotion of "clones" and we would like to show the real work of the moderators, how long have you been working on the project of "Vengeance"? And how much will you produce?para 4

P : The whole concept as well as all the revisions of the ato took us a whole month to reach the perfection we were aiming for. For the quantity produced, for the moment this remains indeterminate. We want to share the fruit of our work with all the vapers who have supported the Magma. We are confident and can say that they will love Vengeance even more than Magma.

Writing : You said on your Facebook page that Vengeance orders will be open in about two weeks, do you have any idea of ​​a specific date?

P : The first 50 coins were released last Sunday at a vape event here in the Philippines and we sold them all in 3 hours. It's in continuous production for the moment. An estimation para 3more precise would be possibly the opening of the orders the first week of December.

Thank you to our partner Paradigm for taking the time to answer these few questions, there is no doubt Vengeance may be a dripper that will send heavy, and that will meet the expectations of Magma fans.

It only remains to wait for December to have detailed reviews of this little toy. For more information go to the official facebook page of " P".

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