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DOSSIER: Batteries - How to choose the right way to be safe?

DOSSIER: Batteries - How to choose the right way to be safe?

The batteries used for electronic cigarettes have a chemistry known as " Lithium-ion »(Li-ion). These Li-ion batteries offer extremely high energy density (they store a lot of power in a small space), and that is why they are ideally suited for use in small power hungry devices such as mobile phones, laptops and electronic cigarettes. These high energy density batteries provide a large amount of power while offering a reduced size.
On the other hand, if a problem occurs and the battery degasses the result can be spectacular and dangerous. This has been seen in rare cases with just about every device that uses the Li-ion battery, from cell phones to electric cars.


  • Always buy your batteries from suppliers who have a good reputation (there are a large number of unbranded or counterfeit products on the market).
  • Never over-tighten your atomizer (No need to force it, just tighten as far as possible without insisting).

  • Never leave your batteries charging unattended!

  • If a battery connector is damaged, do not use it.

  • Never leave your batteries in your car. Very cold or very hot temperatures can have negative effects on your battery.

  • Keep your batteries dry. (It may seem logical but it is important!)

  • It is also very important not to keep your batteries in a pocket with keys, coins or other metal objects. Quite simply because it can create an electrical short circuit between the ends of the battery. This can then result in battery failure or even more or less serious burns.

  • Your unused batteries must be kept in a storage case or in a bag provided for this purpose. It is possible to protect them quite simply by placing a little adhesive tape on the terminals located on each end. The best solution remains to buy a plastic box specially designed for this purpose (it only costs a few euros).

  • If you are not sure whether the battery you have is suitable for your mod, do not use it! There are now many ways to get information (shop, forum, blog, social networks). In any case, remember that not all batteries can be used in your e-cigarettes. In the event of improper use, the risk can range from a malfunction of your equipment to degassing of your battery or even an explosion.


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Finally, it is important to remember that if you buy your batteries from a specialized supplier who has a good reputation, these e-cigarette batteries will not be more dangerous than those that can be found in phones and computers. portable.

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