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DOSSIER: What about the beginner on e-liquids with nicotine salts.

DOSSIER: What about the beginner on e-liquids with nicotine salts.

Liquid nicotine or nicotine salts ... It is not easy to find your way around these different products with specific characteristics. In order to enlighten newcomers, first-time vapers and future ex-smokers, we offer you a complete file on e-liquids with nicotine salts which comes in addition to our special issue that deals with chemistry of its products.


THEIUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) defines a salt like this: "A chemical compound of an assembly of cations and anions”. In French, a salt is an ionic compound structured with cations and anions forming a neutral product with no net charge. A salt is a stack of ions, stable over time and even almost eternal, if of course it is not subjected to too high temperatures or if it is not dissolved in water or other substances with which it can interact and transform.


The interest of this solid state of nicotine is that it is not subject to oxidation as can the liquid nicotine base. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that, over time, alters its properties, decreases its effectiveness and gives it a brown color. The other advantage of the nicotine salt is its PH *, between 5 and 6 according to the provenances, which will be much better tolerated by the larynx during inhalation. The hit of a juice with nicotine salts, even 20mg / ml, will be very low and will not cause this contraction that makes more coughing a primovapoteur.


In the USA, from the very beginning of the modern phenomenon of vape (2012 / 13), doctors and researchers have understood the potential of this tool to help smokers quit smoking or, at the very least, to greatly reduce it. To the heaviest smokers, they could legally prescribe juices ranging from 59mg / ml (sometimes more), to compensate for the nicotine addiction of their patients. Alas, often, such concentration made it difficult, if not impossible, and it was necessary to find a credible and more flexible alternative. It is therefore quite normal that it is from the US that we come this other form of nicotine whose implantation in Europe in general and in France in particular has experienced a meteoric rise for more than a year.


Only here, if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages, necessarily. We have seen it, with a juice boosted with nicotine salts, no hit, no coughing fit and we can now vape at high rates, within the limits of legality ... Yes, but not just any old way and especially not with any atomizer or at any power. I will ignore the manufacturing process which often involves benzoic acid, which
safety is for the moment questionable or, at least, clarification to warn you of a phenomenon that can have him, unfortunate consequences. This is the effect shoot (dashing rise to the brain), English term coming directly from the world of drugs. A reminder of the effects and other properties of nicotine will allow you to better accept the recommendations that follow.

It has long been known that this alkaloid present, particularly but not only, in tobacco leaves, is a potent psychostimulant similar to caffeine. Its handling remains dangerous as well as its ingestion. The lethal dose for an adult is between 500 and 1000mg, as specified Bernd Mayer, Austrian toxicologist, in a study published in 2014 (1). As for such dosages, we are far from it. We also know that 3rd generation personal vaporizers deliver nicotine more effectively than 2nd generation vaporizers, keep this in mind. Although the maximum concentration reached is lower than with cigarettes, the vaper absorbs almost all of the nicotine and PG / VG that they inhale (2). Taking into account the absorbed dose (1,2 mg on average), similar to that obtained with cigarettes, this suggests that part of the nicotine is not absorbed in the lungs, but elsewhere (in the mouth and a little in the digestive system via saliva) (3). In addition to the lower amount absorbed while vaping, nicotine and its effects "rise" less quickly to the brain, so it will take a certain number of puffs during the first 5 to 10 minutes to achieve the satiety effect that the vaper is looking for.

Last thing, in case of absorption of too much nicotine, the first symptoms are a rise in heart rate and headaches, then may occur nausea dizziness and vomiting in more extreme cases. The duration (half-life) of presence in the brain being 10 mn, if we stop using it, the disadvantages fade quickly.


When one is not used to inhaling a dose of the type 20mg / ml and, even if the effects do not "rise" immediately to the brain (at least not entirely), the physiological effects after a few puffs are already present . With the nicotine salts, the barrier of hit no longer exist, the effects (passenger vertigo, head spinning) are therefore directly to the brain, with consequences, minutes later, the inconvenience mentioned above. In these conditions, the vape becomes unpleasant, the smoking cessation can quickly turn short.


To avoid feeling these side effects, the solution will come from the equipment used, the power implemented and the particular way to vape these liquids. Many publications already speaking, I will simply corroborate their conclusions. Let's put ourselves in the context of a person who decides to stop smoking through the vape, she wants a gentle weaning and keep some of the sensations of smoking, namely: the taste of a blond tobacco, the tight draw, the immediate stimulating effects of nicotine. All that the vape can offer him today without problem. She smokes two packs / day, the option nicotine salts, for her, will be the best.
A high dosage of nicotine (between 16 and 20mg / ml, legal maximum allowed in France) is particularly suitable for people who have a habit of absorbing a large amount of it daily while smoking. We have seen that high doses of nicotine base (liquid) present real obstacles to the pleasure of vape smoothly. Also, nicotine salts to absorb large amounts of nicotine without this inconvenience, seem particularly suitable, provided that the equipment is calibrated for these liquids. It will therefore be necessary to accommodate his equipment to this vape.


We will therefore choose a MTL (clear-to-lung or reconstructible) atomizer (mouth to lung), delivering a tight vape particularly adapted to the criteria of soft weaning and the characteristics of e-liquids with nicotine salts. In addition, such a draw will more easily recall that of a cigarette. The perfect compromise for a primavapoteur looking for weaning. These atomizers are designed to vape with resistors around 1Ω, see above because the usually recommended values ​​oscillate between 1,2 and 2,5Ω. As a result, on such high resistances, the power required to obtain an appropriate vape will therefore oscillate between 5 and 14W. Forget
so the famous box 200W that you want so much, something more reasonable and less expensive will suffice widely.

At these values, the heating will be moderate, the nicotine salts will be absorbed optimally, without excess and pleasure will be guaranteed. There are other alternatives of apparatus particularly adapted to the nicotine salts, it is the podmods which have technical characteristics that can prevail at the same time with the desires of the primovapoteurs and with the specific constraints of these liquids. Technically, this vape MTL is also less liquid-consuming and more efficient in delivering nicotine.


Avoiding sub-ohm material, high potency and direct vape (DL) to vape nicotine salts, we do not have enough scientific evidence yet to know if high temperatures do not alter salts of nicotine (4). Resistance between 1.5 and 2Ω and power not exceeding 13W (4). In reconstructible, prefer spaced turns to microcoils to avoid microsils dry-hits hardly noticeable and therefore possible hot spots likely to increase the temperature (4). Choose an atomizer with a gap between the bell and the walls of the tank rather large, thus improving the capillarity and circulation of the liquid (4). 

Controlled material with temperature control will be welcome to avoid rapidly degrading nicotine, a useful info for the daring who would like to start directly with rebuildable material, or offering opportunities for more aerial vape. Just as there is an infinity of personal sensibilities, there is an immense variety of technical and taste possibilities to succeed in getting rid of smoking by the vape, nicotine salts will certainly contribute to further improve the certain effectiveness of this means of weaning. .

* The pH is measured on a scale (graduated from 1 to 1) that will, by convention, 0 to 14.
0 is the highest acidity: very high concentration of acids (and very low in bases)
14 is the strongest basicity or alkalinity: very low concentration of acids (and very high in bases).
7 neutrality (equivalent concentration of acids and bases).

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