CANADA: A ban on advertising and promotion of vaping!

CANADA: A ban on advertising and promotion of vaping!

It's a new blow for the vape… A few days ago in Canada, the Minister of Health Patty Hajdu announced the final version of the regulations intended to prevent advertising on vaping products from being seen or heard by young people.

Patty Hajdu - Health Minister


As of Wednesday July 8, the Minister of Health Patty Hajdu has announced the final version of a regulation that prohibits the promotion of vaping in Canada. It will now be prohibited to advertise vaping products in public spaces, whether in traditional stores or online, or in other media.

The final version of the regulation on the promotion of vaping products will come into force 30 days after being published, on Friday August 7.

The display of vaping products at points of sale accessible to young people will also be prohibited.

« Changes Announced Today Will Tackle Problematic Advertising While We Continue To Explore Other Measures To Reduce Vaping "Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, said in a press release.

In addition, it will be required that authorized advertisements, which will be posted in places prohibited to young people, include a warning about the dangers of vaping products. These requirements will only apply if the province or territory does not have a similar requirement already in place.


« The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act Currently prohibits several types of promotions on vaping products.

However, since its adoption, the government has observed an increase in advertising on vaping on television, social media and other digital platforms, at events, on outdoor posters and at point of sale.

Therefore, Health Canada plans to take additional regulatory action to further restrict nicotine content and flavorings in vaping products. The organization also wants to require the vaping industry to provide information on its products, including sales, ingredients, and research and development activities.

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