COMMUNIQUE: France Vapotage denounces the urgency of a regulation on the e-cigarette.

COMMUNIQUE: France Vapotage denounces the urgency of a regulation on the e-cigarette.

Following the growing controversy in the US regarding pulmonary diseases attributable to "vaping", France Vapotage whose mission is to defend the general, economic and social interests of professions related to the vaping sector in France with the public authorities publishes a statement calling for the urgency of regulation on the e-cigarette.


While dramas in the United States have fueled the debate over the e-cigarette in recent weeks, France Vapotage is calling on public authorities to act in favor of a responsible vape to protect smokers in search of effective solutions to reduce or stop their tobacco consumption.

This summer, the emergence of severe pulmonary diseases affecting between 200 and 450 people throughout the United States has been attributed directly or indirectly to vaping. Several deaths have since been announced.

However, the US health authorities quickly identified a common point to the victims. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all patients inhaled nicotine products and cannabis. New evidence later indicated that oils derived from a chemical derived from vitamin E, found in products containing THC oil, a psychotropic drug derived from cannabis, are the cause of these deaths.

It would seem that these incidents occurred in an inappropriate context of use of the electronic cigarette, the victims would have used illegal products, apparently from the black market and relating to the consumption of psychotropic drugs. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has conducted a thorough investigation and made the following recommendations to protect consumers: "Avoid buying vaping products of all kinds on the street and refrain from using alcohol." 'THC oil or modify / add substances to products purchased in store'.

Unfortunately, all the shortcuts and possible amalgams have been made in some American and French media about the practice of the vape. Thus, deviant practices have been totally irrational for the vast majority of vapers, who have found in the use of electronic cigarettes a response adapted to their desire to reduce or stop smoking. .

Since the launch of the federation in July 2018, France Vapotage has been raising public and political awareness of the need for adapted regulations applied to vaping products.

It is urgent to act because with more 3 million French vapers (1) and while the electronic cigarette is the tool recognized by the national public health agency as the most effective and the most used to reduce the prevalence of smoking, it is important to hear the message from the responsible manufacturers and professionals and to create a dialogue with the responsible operators. It is essential that the state is positioned to provide adequate information to smokers on vaping, which will avoid amalgam on the product in the press.

In addition, it is important to remember that:

  • the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette contains 95% less toxic substances than cigarette smoke (2);

  • Public Health France believes that between 2010 and 2017, the electronic cigarette would have allowed 700 000 daily smokers to steal tobacco (3).

The United Kingdom, whose smoking prevalence was only a few years ago equivalent to that of France, has considerably reduced the number of its smokers. The smoking prevalence is now 15%, half less than in France. This considerable drop is largely due to the choice of the UK health authorities to adopt a pragmatic approach based on risk reduction and which integrates the electronic cigarette into the range of alternatives offered to smokers wishing to reduce or stop their consumption of tobacco.

With smoking prevalence among the highest in Europe (31,9% in 2017) and 12 million smokers, France must seize the opportunity of vaping in public health and act in favor of a responsible vape by protecting the consumers of drift observed abroad.

(1) Andler R, Richard JB, Guignard R, Fourth G, Verrier F, Gane J, Nguyen-Thanh V. Decline in the prevalence of daily smoking among adults: results of the Public Health Barometer France 2018. Bull Epidemiol Hebd.2019; (15): 271 7.
(2) Pasquereau A.Guignard, R.Nguyen-Than V.Electronic Cigarettes, Quitting Efforts and Smoking Cease: a 6 month follow-up. 2017 addiction; 112 (9) / 1620-8.
(3) Public Health Barometer France 2017 (published May 2019): « The number of daily smokers who have quit smoking for more than six months and who think that vaping has helped them quit is estimated at about 700 000 people since the arrival of e-cigarette on the market in France ».

To know more about France Vapotage and to consult the official communique, go on the official website.

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