PRESS RELEASE: Towards an 3th Summit of the Vape in October in Paris!

PRESS RELEASE: Towards an 3th Summit of the Vape in October in Paris!

The news has just fallen through a press release, the association SOVAPE will organize the 3e edition of the Summit of the Vape 14 October 2019 in Paris. This is another opportunity to highlight the many benefits of the vape that presents itself.


In order to (re) create a space for constructive dialogue on vaping in France, the association SOVAPE organizes the 3e edition of the Summit of the Vape 14 October 2019 in Paris.

According to Public Health France, vaping has become the most popular tool to stop smoking. It concerns 3 million users and potentially 14 million smokers. Beyond the debates and controversies, there are many areas to explore and develop: perception of risks, individual and collective, opportunity for smokers and for public health. These questions will be at the heart of the 2019 edition of the Vape Summit.

SOVAPE wishes to recreate the conditions for a positive dialogue and cultivate a pragmatic approach to the place of vaping in France by inviting scientists, health actors, representatives of users, researchers and actors from the industry independent of vape among the best experts in the field.

The two previous editions

In 2016, the first Vape Summit was organized at the initiative of Jacques LE HOUEZEC, accompanied by Pr Bertrand DAUTZENBERG and Pr Didier JAYLE. Unquestionably successful, it brought together all the stakeholders in France and attracted international experts. The active participation of the Director General of Health, Professor Benoit VALLET, had allowed the creation of the Vapotage Working Group at the Ministry of Health, in order to prolong the dialogue initiated at the Summit.

The second edition was organized in 2017 in the presence of Nicolas PRISSE, president of the MILDECA and again of Professor Benoit VALLET.

The abandonment of the Vapotage Working Group led to the suspension of the organization of the Third Summit in 2018. However, the fight against smoking continues: Month Without Tobacco, price increase, full reimbursement of nicotine replacement and vaping actors, users and professionals, remain more mobilized than ever to participate positively in this major public health issue and priority . Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable deaths with 73000 deaths per year in France.

A Summit supported by associations and independent programming

With this ambition of a revival of a constructive dialogue, SOVAPE invites you to meet 14 October in Paris, for the 2019 edition of the Summit of the vape, organized with the associations FEDERATION ADDICTION, RESPADD, SOS ADDICTIONS, VAPE OF HEART et AIDUCE. The programming committee is chaired by Jean-Pierre COUTERON, spokesman for the Addiction Federation, a committed player in risk reduction. A partnership, in the form of sponsorship, was formed with the FIVAPE (VAPE Interprofessional Federation), which groups exclusively independent tobacco industry professionals, to finance the infrastructure of the event within the framework of an ethical charter, guaranteeing the independence of the programming.

The detailed program, speakers and practical information will be announced before the summer. The Vape Summit will be held in French / English with simultaneous translation. The event will accommodate 250 people.

View .Pdf version of the press release.

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