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SOCIETY: Several battery explosions cast doubt on the e-cigarette!

SOCIETY: Several battery explosions cast doubt on the e-cigarette!

A 4-year-old girl rescued and a luxury car that catches fire following battery explosions… If we know the potential danger of lithium-ion batteries, they continue to make the "buzz" on the web and sow often doubts about the reliability of the e-cigarette.


A big "boom". An accumulator intended for an e-cigarette caught fire in the bedroom of an accommodation located in Lourdes a few days ago. Now in this room was a 4 year old girl watching television.

The drama was narrowly avoided thanks to the intervention of the grandfather and brother of the little girl. The man, aged 79, and the teenager came in and were able to extract the girl from the room. The device belonged to the mother of the latter, part of the shopping at the time of the incident.

« I have two batteries for my e-cigarette and I left one on my furniture in my room. She was not connected, nothing Explains the mother to the regional daily, adding that it would surely be the battery [which] caught fire ».


In England, a professional golf player from Sheffield is making the headlines. His "e-cigarette" would indeed have exploded in his Audi A5 Sportback to the point of triggering a violent fire.

According to our colleagues from the English publication Metro, Will Hawksworth heard a small bang in his jacket pocket before realizing that his e-cigarette had a problem. The device subsequently fell from his hand between the front seats of his German sedan. Will burned himself in passing when he took it out of his pocket. The violent explosion of the battery seconds later turned his Audi A5 Sportback into a blaze.

This one had just replaced the accumulator of his e-cigarette the day before. The golfer claims to have used it for the past four years without any problems. The brand Efest concerned by this matter has not ruled. Will plans to sue her.


 "A lack of information", "Hardware malfunctions" ... However, it remains quite simple to learn about the products that use Li-ion batteries as they are present in our daily life (smartphones, computers, etc.)

As for 99% of battery explosions, it is not the e-cigarette that is responsible but the user, The e-cigarette often has no place on the dock in most explosion cases, we can never repeat it enough, with the accusers certain safety rules must be respected for safe use :

- Do not use a mechanical mod if you do not have the necessary knowledge. These cannot be used with just any battery ...

- Never put one or more batteries in your pockets (presence of keys, parts that can short-circuit)

- Always store or transport your batteries in boxes keeping them separate from each other

If you have a doubt, or if you are not familiar with it, consider inquiring before buying, using or storing batteries. here is a complete tutorial dedicated to Li-Ion batteries which will help you to see more clearly.

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