COVID-19: Smoking cessation, pandemic, the vape is always there to save lives!

COVID-19: Smoking cessation, pandemic, the vape is always there to save lives!

The vape saves lives! This is clearly not new but the pandemic due to Covid-19 is a serious reminder for our policies of the importance of the economic and industrial sector that vaping represents in France and in the world. Indeed, in addition to limiting the risk of worsening diseases due to smoking, the vaping industry provides its skills by proposing the manufacture of hydroalcoholic gel, a product in short supply, which has become a rare commodity since the beginning of the epidemic.


It is the sad reality of a pandemic that takes the planet short, and more particularly France. Out of stocks of disinfectant gels since February, France has seen an increasing number of proposals to produce these liquids again urgently. Today, we know that one of the best ways to protect yourself against coronavirus is regular hand washing, especially with hydroalcoholic gels. But faced with the high demand, the product is out of stock.

In order to participate in the health effort, large luxury or cosmetic companies are committed to producing gel and it is also the case of the vape industry which immediately mobilized! The largest e-liquid laboratories have been transformed in whole or in part into a gel production line that meets all health requirements. This is so VDLV, revolute, LIPS, Or Fuu.

In a statement, Lips (The French Liquid) declare " offer now a solution developed according to WHO standards to deal with the situation we are going through. Far from us the idea of ​​surfing the crisis, on the contrary, we offer this product at the price set by the government. We want to support our scale. Everyone has their role to play in limiting the impact of this epidemic. »

An initiative that highlights a heroic industry that always cares about the health of a population living in difficult times. To this we can only bow and say " Gentlemen Chapeau Bas, and a thousand thanks! »

Online sites, and of course the largest of them " The Little Vapoteur "Allow us to acquire these bottles of hydroalcoholic gel at affordable or very low prices (1.8 € to 2 € for 60 ml).


It is no real surprise that the arrival of this coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) highlights even more the danger of smoking for health. Indeed, the government specifies on its official platform that " regular consumption of inhaled products (tobacco, cannabis, cocaine, crack, etc.) increases the risk of infection and of severe form.".

In fact, smokers are exposed to the risks of high complications with regard to the irritation of the respiratory tract from which they suffer. Another major problem is the frequency with which the fingers are brought to the mouth when a cigarette is toasted, thus the virus finds an ideal entry point into the body.

But what can we say about the vaping / Covid-19 relationship ? Well, opinions diverge as often!

Concerning National Committee Against Smoking (CNCT), he estimates that " The particles present in the vapor exhaled by vapers infected with the coronavirus are potentially carriers of the virus and can be at the origin of contaminations by passive and ultrapassive vaping.". The CNCT declares " The clouds of smoke and vapors that circulate up to ten meters around the user would also be potentially contagious.".

However, this is clearly not the opinion of the Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, a former pulmonologist at the Salpêtrière Hospital and a tobacco specialist at the Arthur Verne Institute, who specifies that virus transmission by vapor has not been scientifically proven. But it does confirm the presence of a danger of contact via eyes, nose and mouth, and expelled saliva droplets that transmit covid-19.

As often, we will rather speak of " risk reduction "With vaping and not" no risk »Because it is difficult to ask a smoker or a vaper to completely stop using an e-cigarette. If you continue to use your e-cigarette during this pandemic period, it will be essential to comply with certain health rules by protecting your equipment and products. In addition, we invite you to show good citizenship by limiting the release of steam to protect those around you.

There is no doubt that the vape saved lives before the pandemic, it will save during and again after it. This disastrous and difficult period is a new opportunity to highlight this great risk reduction tool for smokers. So invite smokers to discover vaping and risk reduction at the same time as they are looking for what to disinfect their hands.

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