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COVID-19: Specific barrier gestures for vapers and vape shops!

COVID-19: Specific barrier gestures for vapers and vape shops!

Since the beginning of March, the world has been going through a delicate period, a period of pandemic and containment that requires great rigor. The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) imposes a certain seriousness on the population and this does not exclude vapers who also have a role to play in this fight. Even more than the government's barrier gestures, it seems important to see urgent that vapers protect themselves and those around them by respecting specific barrier gestures. In this context, The OLF Vapelier ( / offers measures for vapers and vaping professionals. 


In addition to the barrier measures of the various governments of the world which are

  • Wash your hands very regularly
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue
  • Use a disposable tissue and throw it away
  • Greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing

Le OLF vaporizer offers a complete infographic in the form of an A4 poster that details the five vapor-specific barrier measures to fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We make this document available to you same here if you want to print it and display it at home, in your shops or at your workplace. 

Because vaping means living better, let's all live better together by respecting these five barrier measures of vaping

  • Minimize the projection of vapor around you (in order to protect those around you from possible contamination)
  • Avoid vaping in closed or confined spaces (to limit potential exposure to the virus)
  • Frequently disinfect your equipment and especially your drip-tip 
  • Do not lend your equipment or have it tested 
  • Keep your set-up on you and don't put it down anywhere. 

In addition to information, it is also our mission to get involved in this kind of health message that shows the seriousness of the commitment to vaping. In this approach, we remind the professionals of the vape that we bring 100% support by offering completely free communication until May 31, 2020


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