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FILE: Falling for a cigarette, it can happen, the important thing is to re-vape!

FILE: Falling for a cigarette, it can happen, the important thing is to re-vape!

As we already know, the e-cigarette is an effective means of weaning which in a majority of cases allows the total cessation of tobacco. Nevertheless with the evolution of the vape, the mentality has also evolved, the vape has become a religion for many people to the point that we are ashamed to assume that we have been able to "crack" at some point or to another. What I am going to deliver to you here is an analysis of many speeches observed over the years as well as an observation in relation to my personal experience.

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We can only start this article with a quick reminder of the symptoms that may affect you during withdrawal. Since nicotine works in vapers, none of its symptoms may affect you, but it is worth remembering that it can happen to you. Dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, cough, constipation, irritability are the main symptoms that can affect you while you are vaping.

"I broke down and I'm ashamed ..." - A speech that is frequently found in vaping communities.

« Shame on you if you crack! This is the speech that one might expect in view of the fear evoked by vapers who lose their footing. In " grill a »Is not a shame and nobody will blame you, but do not hesitate to talk about it without taboo to be help. The fact of fall back into the combustion of a "killer" can be due to a lot of parameters that could probably be explained by scientific reasons. So let's start by talking about what could be the cause of a relapse.

What can make us plunge back into the world of the cold ashtray?

If it is certain that everyone can be subject to the fact of diving back in a specific or total way in the cigarette, it can be due to a material, medical or psychological concern. But in the end what are we talking about exactly?

  • Inadequate material : Equipment that lacks power or of poor quality can quickly make you return to the local tobacconist. A new vaper for whom the initiation to the e-cigarette is chaotic or perilous will often tend to give up, hence the interest in giving advice and especially to redirect if necessary a vaper who has obsolete or unsuitable equipment.
  • An inappropriate e-liquid : Any convinced vaper knows it. The choice of e-liquid is the essential basis for a successful withdrawal. The " must Is to find his " All day“, Ie an e-liquid whose aroma will suit you all day long without disgusting you or making you want to take back a killer. Noting that an error in the choice of the dosage of nicotine can cause a lack or in the opposite case of headaches or even nausea. These parameters may only be a detail but can just as easily discourage someone who has decided to take the plunge.

  • The breakdown slimming : Whether it is a failure of e-liquid, battery, clearomizer…. We have all known this kind of problem on Sunday or in the evening when everything is closed. And as much as we can find a bunch of killers in some kiosks, finding vaping equipment is particularly tedious at these times (even if today we find many repair kits at our friends tobacconists). We will therefore tend to do as we can, even if it is only for 2 hours or for a day. But over time, you learn quickly enough to take precautions to avoid this kind of problem.

  • Bad advice : As we know, vape shops can be great springboards for stopping smoking but can sometimes offer bad advice only in order to sell equipment at excessive prices.

  • isolation : And yes… When we switch to vaping, we certainly lose certain social habits such as those of grouping together to “consume one's killer” by telling each other the latest gossip. However, nothing prevents us from going out with smokers to consume our dose of nicotine but this remains a condition: we must accept to be impregnated with the smell of tobacco and this is generally something that vapers can no longer stand. . This can also be translated by isolation in the family home or sometimes the electronic cigarette is initially welcome (as a substitute for tobacco) and becomes overnight a source of conflict.

  • Pressure / Stress / Fatigue / nervousness : So many physical and psychological states that can put us in a weak position. It is in those moments where we can "crack" because we say to ourselves " After all, too bad "Or" It's not a cigarette that will kill me". And clearly at this level, we are no longer in withdrawal or the need for nicotine but rather in the need to find comfort and unfortunately it is often that of "smoking".

- The Depression (Burn out) : A situation that I experienced after a few months of vape and which put me in a situation where for a few weeks I could no longer vape, wishing for something stronger and if there is one thing that I could see that it is that a "killer" brings down the pressure more than puffs on her e-cigarette. Where does it come from? Quite simply, the cigarette contains anti-depressant products that are not found in the vape. No matter what we do, our bodies and brains remember it and will probably remember it for the rest of our lives. The only solution is to persuade yourself not to crack what remains quite complicated when you are in this state of affairs.

  • Drunkenness / Medicine : And yes we know it well, alcohol can play tricks on us, and what to say about the small cigarette which one takes after a too drunken evening. Medications can sometimes make us feel bad or not really realize what we are doing. But in both cases, tobacco consumption will remain punctual, the whole thing being to get back to vaping as quickly as possible.
  • Allergies / Rejection  : Maybe you already know it but some people are allergic to propylene glycol (rare case) which can lead to a total stop of the vape if an orientation towards e-liquids 100% vegetable glycerin is not recommended. Also there are cases where a person can not or no longer vape, this can be from the start and result in stomach aches, migraines without however finding a medical or logical reason for this state of affairs.

  • KarateCigarette

    If you fell for it, don't be ashamed! Speak without embarrassment, you are not the only one!

    As we have just seen, there are multiple possibilities which mean that at one time or another one can occasionally or permanently resume smoking. We should not hide or be ashamed of it because we all started the electronic cigarette for the same thing: to stop consuming the poison that is tobacco. No one said it would be simple and it is obvious and recognized that the " killer Is a real drug and that despite a withdrawal, it will not take much to fall back.

    As said so well " It's okay to stumble, but the important thing is to get up“, If you've smoked and well don't take it as a failure or a shame, take it and put your foot back in the stirrup. A few good e-liquids to your liking and it will be gone, then you will quickly forget this small gap. The sites, communities, vape shops are there to advise and support you so do not hesitate to tell them about your difficulties if they exist!

    What is certain is that nothing is ever lost, I have personally deviated several times (from one day to more than 2 weeks) and I have always resumed vaping with even more pleasure!

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