OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Schwach Olivier (The Little Smoker)
OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Schwach Olivier (The Little Smoker)

OF VAPE AND OHMS: Interview of Schwach Olivier (The Little Smoker)

If the world of the vape is often presented on technical, scientific or commercial aspects one would almost forget that behind each project hides men and women. In order to highlight all these talents that make the vape what it is today, our editorial team decided to make you discover these people through interviews.

Today we are going to meet Schwach Olivier, Web Director for " The Little Smoker". To find out more, go to Official website.


Hello, to begin this interview, we invite you to present yourself by drawing your own portrait. You are ready ? Well, let's go!

Where do you live ? Where are you from?
So far, Paris, but nothing is definitive.

What is your personal situation? Married? Children?
In couple, without children.

Your main quality? and default?
An absolutely insatiable curiosity. An old legend says that it is also a defect.

Have you got pets ?
Never in an apartment.

Your dress style?
Comfortable, practical and just what you need V-neck to exceed a little fleece.

Putting the vape aside, do you have any passions?
A lot ! I am passionate about the DIY music scene and a large part of the underground movement, I also get on the stage. Otherwise, I am an inveterate fan of SF literature "old fashioned".

Your favorite musician, singer or band?
At this moment I am very thoroughly on Gong.

What is your favorite movie ?
Grand Hotel Budapest

What is your personal vision of a "good evening"?
Just chat and exchange ideas, debate, laugh a good shot and why not unclog a bottle of wine or two if the atmosphere lends itself.


Obviously, one can not speak of a vape actor without asking him some personal questions on the subject.

Are you even a vaper? If so, what is your set-up? Your favorite e-liquid?
I am and I remain a fan of mechanics, even if I happen to release a big pipe Guardian III by fancy. My current configuration is the setup Mage Mech (big crush). Question jus, I remain simple. From the base, a little peach aroma Vincent and I'm happy. 3 or 6mg / ml depending on mood.

In a very personal way, what does the vape mean to you?
A lot of things. It was already a beautiful thing to get to the Gauloises, but the vape is also the area where I found my first "real" job. For many of my relatives, the vape is a world of "adult nerds" a little ridiculous. I found an environment as interesting as fulfilling, I made very beautiful meetings and I hope that it will last.

How and why are you interested in this phenomenon?
A bit like everyone I suppose. I remember finding the idea pretty idiotic the first time I was told what it was. My curiosity was still quite stung for me to find out more and I ended up trying the experience too. Once I discovered the forums I was irredeemably conquered. With hindsight, I realized that the vape has always been able to mobilize the right arguments to talk to smokers: when we do not try to frighten, feel guilty or treat them as sick, obviously they are more receptive!


To finish this interview, let's move on to some crazy questions or the imagination of our guest will be able to express himself.

Tomorrow, a genius offers you 3 vows, what would you do with ?
First, I ask the wisdom necessary to make a truly positive wish for everyone, which will also determine my second wish. With the satisfaction of the job well done, I keep the third wish for something completely superfluous, why not an infinite accumulator?

If you could live one or more great moments in history, which ones would it be?
I would like to take a look at the Copernican revolution. It must be fascinating to witness such a radical change of mentality.

We offer you powers! Which superheroes would you like to be?
I take unlimited memory to be the wikipedia-man that I have always dreamed of becoming.

The essays of Vapoteurs.net and Vapelier.com thank Schwach Olivier to have taken the time to answer this interview. We will meet again very soon to discover together another major player of the vape.

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