DEBATE: What are your solutions to fight against the tobacco directive?

DEBATE: What are your solutions to fight against the tobacco directive?


It is obvious that this week we could not lead the debate towards anything other than the EU directive on tobacco. Since the May 20, it is applied causing the passage a kind of panic in the microcosm of the vape. Some professionals have closed their profiles on social networks, blogs have become private, some have preferred exile in Switzerland when others have decided not to change anything. According to Aiduce and Fivape, a lawsuit could take more than 10 years and should necessarily call into question this tobacco directive (partially or totally).

So according to you? How should we fight against the European tobacco directive that has just been imposed on us? Should he take all the risks by disobeying the law? Should he hide in order to continue to exist? Should we only wait for Fivape and Aiduce to provide us with a solution? What are you ready to do to defend your right to vape?

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  1. fumaroles

    There is a duty of blatant disobedience.
    So please transfer me this login mandatory, for starters, the decrees are not yet published and you have already lowered your pants. We must not submit. Anyway you are not a shop, you do not sell anything so it is not advertising but freedom of expression. If the shops have to shut up, the others have to shout 2x louder. The prohibition of advertising is not so bad it's just shameful and stupid: from the beginning the vape is spread by word of mouth from vaper to smoker. But suddenly, do not be silent.

    Then seen the millions of European vapers, since it's been several years since we've been
    if nicotine present in e-liquid is a risk then there is no need to make assumptions and theories, clinical cases already exist.

    The goal is to discredit:
    - The limitation of capacity
    - The obligation of waterproof tank
    - The constant diffusion of nicotine
    - The gross lies you'll have to find on the bottles
    - etc ...

    We would have to find the stats / clinical reports and demonstrate that although currently we do not have these limitations, the reality does not justify such measures.

    It is necessary especially - if it is useless - to present them graphically, something readable in 5 seconds, and include in this graph the deaths / serious problems due to the champix, zyban, patch, nicorettes
    Below, add the figures of the number of deaths per year because of tobacco, air pollution, alcohol and other really dangerous things.
    Possibly also include accidents due to ingestion of medoc / household products / household accidents / etc ... it's quiet to see that a merguez on a BBQ is X times more dangerous than vaping.

    It is also to show that there is no need to file each product, the current state of affairs does not present problems such as it justifies such measures.

    Being Swiss and therefore not subject to the TPD, more having already various files underway for the defense of the vape, I can not and will not handle it but it seems to me to be a clear message and easy to disseminate / use.


    Nicolas Michel

    1. Juan B

      Slt fumaroles,
      I repeat your words; "Anyway you're not a shop, you do not sell anything so it's not advertising"

      The question is: And for online shops, what would be the solution against the ban on advertising?

      Sincerely JB

      1. fumaroles

        I do not know, sorry. I think one of the tracks is the legal analyzes that have been published recently, for France who say that there is one in the prohibition of advertising for the vape a violation of human rights.

  2. zartac

    I think that must legally circumvent the loie
    The online sales site ??
    Manage in foreign countries
    French stores become warehouses or platform espedition kind amazon
    We sell liquids in tin of 1 liter without nicotine and we sell the nico since the strange
    I have not waited the tdp to buy my 15litre base (the fuu) and my liter of nicotine has 250mg / ml (hsmok)

    If I'm not mistaken for 10ml / day I have 10 for years
    For my clearo if I do not find plud in France I will take in China!

    Everyone wanted europe, the euro with maastrich
    Europe is good for France!
    bein now europe is leading our lives

    Do not complain
    So assume

    1. Oltsys

      Although your solutions have nothing "legal" after the application of the TPD Directive (ie from then on), it is clear and obvious that these are the only solutions left to us by our dear MEPs to continue to freely vape without a return to tobacco and its nauseating industry.
      I also recall that insofar as it will still be possible to obtain bottles of 1L VG / PG non nicotine base in France, the main difficulty is to stock up on concentrated nicotine (personally I ordered 2L to 52mg in England without worry but I did not know the existence of beefier concentrates like the one you mention at 250mg ... good to know!). It will certainly not legal but in case of seizure the risks to the end consumer are slim.
      Likewise, I will continue to invest in MODs and other nuggets that offer 4 or 6ml capacities by investing in Chinese sites, and it's a safe bet that these products will rarely fall into the hands of French Customs who have ( for now) other cats to whip. On the other hand, we can say that this kind of approach will contribute (if it were to become widespread) to the death of many shops and distributors / importers in France ... Europe has taken the bad habit of sawing the branch on which it rests, and this in all areas (the rise of populism in all member countries does not even seem to worry the European elites visibly ...)

      PS: everyone is far from wanting to Europe that we were served ... a majority (in his time, but it starts to date you will agree) was seduced by a Europe that we have "well sold "and that made dream. Today's Europe has kept very little of its promise to start, and when the people realized it and had the opportunity to 'say NO', it was muzzled, and not only in France.
      Not to mention the young people who are paying the price today but who are not among those who took part in the 93 project because they were still in diapers. In short, no, we will not assume what is not ours.

  3. Christophe Terrace

    This beat for the vape and a waste of time, a futility, like tackling a stone at the foot of a pyramid.
    As long as you do not understand that it is the system that must be defeated and indirectly can save the vape, nothing will change.

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