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E-CIGARETTE: In 2013, Professor Didier Raoult brilliantly anticipated the future of vaping

E-CIGARETTE: In 2013, Professor Didier Raoult brilliantly anticipated the future of vaping

Who today does not know the Pr Didier Raoult ? With the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), the French infectious disease specialist and professor of microbiology has carved out a place of choice in France but also internationally. What is less known is that in 2013, the winner of the 2010 Inserm Grand Prix was able to brilliantly anticipate the future of vaping. Video proof!


In October 2013, during a seminar in Saint Cyr sur Mer, the Pr Didier Raoult known for his outspokenness and his iconoclastic positions, decides to talk about an emerging innovation: The electronic cigarette. The theme of the intervention is " can the innovation process respect the rule? And e-cigarettes seem to be the ideal catalyst for this debate. 

« I said to myself, this thing will not hold because it is a product of pure innovation that has escaped all circuits "- Pr Didier Raoult

If his speech did not necessarily make a lot of noise at the time, it now has a completely different resonance and we can only admire how this professor of infectious diseases brilliantly anticipates the future of vaping. 

At the very beginning of the intervention we hear the Pr Didier Raoult set the mood : " I have no doubt that other pressures will come quickly because what we love is to forbid". And who today can say the opposite? Didier Raoult is a visionary who probably understood the issue of the vaping device long before anyone else. For him " the electronic cigarette is a magical element that allows you to see a little of society ”, it also specifies  It's a great nest of jobs. In each city, 3-4 electronic cigarette stores have opened ”.

However, the professor had also identified the many "problems" that the emergence of such a device would generate. In his speech he clarifies his vision of things: 

« Yet everyone is going to be against it and why? The Puritans are going to be mad that people can look like they're smoking. For example the proof with Air France which immediately said you are not allowed to use e-cigarettes on planes which obviously does not make sense .... »

He also adds " With the Puritans what works best is the forbidden gesture so you do not have the right to have the gesture.« 

Finally, Professor Didier Raoult understood the economic stake following the arrival of this new smoking cessation device. In his speech, he already anticipates the veto of the “great people of this world”: “ In addition, with VAT, the state will lose money, tobacconists will be against, tobacconists will be against ..." page (in French).

Finally, the specialist already sees things coming and declares: In the name of the precautionary principle, we will try to slow down the thing that is fighting against the biggest killer. It's an extraordinary thing" page (in French).

As a reminder, our editorial staff had already spoken of the vision of Pr Didier Raoult following the publication of his book " Your Health - All the Lies You Are Told and How Science Helps You See  "Or he declared:" political leaders […] apply the precautionary principle excessively”Adding to the passage“ The use of e-cigarettes should be encouraged instead of tobacco ”. 

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