ECOLOGY: Fivape signs partnership with Screlec eco-organism

ECOLOGY: Fivape signs partnership with Screlec eco-organism

As important as seeing the health aspect, the eco-responsibility of e-cigarette users must be highlighted. By signing a partnership with the eco-organism Screlec Fivape plays its role and facilitates the practical implementation of the collection of portable batteries and accumulators.


There is a lot of talk about cigarette butt pollution, but vaping is not out of the question and a recycling effort is needed. In a recent official statement, the FIVAPE (Interprofessional Federation of the Vape) presents its partnership with the eco-organism Screlec.

Set up with the primary objective of providing its members with complete information on the regulatory context and the practical implementation of the collection of portable batteries and accumulators, this partnership also concretizes the sector's desire to take into account the environmental impact of its products.

According to the regulations in force, professionals of the vape, are either marketers or distributors of batteries and accumulators. As such, they have the obligation for the former to participate in financing the end of life of batteries and accumulators, for the latter to participate in their collection.

Screlec is an eco-organization approved by the Ministry of Ecological and Social Transition for the collection and treatment of used portable batteries and accumulators. Its main objective is to contribute to the development, efficient operation and sustainability of the waste recycling sector. To this end, the eco-organization is committed to raising awareness of waste generation, developing separate waste collection, recycling, recovery and disposal in environmentally friendly conditions. health, at controlled costs.

This policy attracted FIVAPE, which found in Screlec a natural partner.

As part of this partnership, Screlec will provide FIVAPE with the necessary regulatory information, including a practical guide and a dedicated e-cigarette poster to assist collection points. sorting batteries and accumulators.

Specific solutions will be proposed, including:

  • Securing the storage of accumulators particularly well suited to the problems of vape shops;
  • the ability to drop full boxes into one of the 30 000 Screlec collection points, without waiting for pick up, to minimize storage and risk;
  • Several sizes of collection equipment with the provision of information sheets / media for store staff and customers, depending on the volumes marketed and collected.

With this first partnership, the FIVAPE marks its will to include the sector of the independent vape in a policy responsible for the environment and its obligations.

For more information on the actions of FIVAPE, go to their official website .

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