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ECONOMY: Calumette, first distributor of vape to obtain the ISO 9001 certification of AFNOR.

ECONOMY: Calumette, first distributor of vape to obtain the ISO 9001 certification of AFNOR.

More and more AFNOR certification is being distributed to companies that have been offering vaping products for a few years. Recently it's the online store who became the first vape distributor to obtain the ISO 9001 quality certification from AFNOR.


The online shop "" has just become the "only" distributor of vape in the world certified ISO 9001 quality by the AFNOR. On his site, the merchant declares We wanted this international quality certification, to bring our serious contribution to the vape sector, and to show how much Calumette stands out by serving its customers with seriousness, reliability and quality. Because the quality of services and products is for Calumette above all. »


AFNOR (1, the most accredited French certification body) verifies and certifies each year by an audit (in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard) that every aspect of the activity that relates to the quality, and in particular the processes of:

  • Purchasing from suppliers: supplier selection, product quality and compliance verification, annual vendor assessment;
  • Order processing: rigorous procedures for correct and timely processing of sales orders, with well-trained staff;
  • Sales: clear and verified information, with SDS display for nicotine e-liquids;
  • Delivery: monitoring quality and possible errors in deliveries, reporting;
  • Customer relations: customer assistance service provided by trained and expert staff, complaints processing service of all kinds with file tracking;
  • Internal resources, information system, management, etc.

In each of its sectors :

  • One or more accurate quantified quality performance indicators are kept up to date;
  • Every anomaly quality, claim, miscellaneous problem is registered and treated obligatorily;
  • Goals are defined and any quality gap leads to mandatory corrective actions;
  • Accurate quality procedures are in place, with a full set of quality measurement and tracking tools;
  • An annual report is drawn up before AFNOR's audit and annual on-site verification.

For the customer, this quality certification brings:

  • Optimal quality;
  • The assurance of having advice, answers to your questions by e-mail, chat or phone;
  • The assurance of having a fast and effective treatment of possible claims.

To consult Calumette's ISO 9001 certification appointment on this page. To find out more visit the shop

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