ECONOMY: Green Liquides, a historical player in vaping, is changing hands!

ECONOMY: Green Liquides, a historical player in vaping, is changing hands!

It's a scoop, a real thunderclap in the small world of French-speaking vaping. Pascal Bonnadier, founder of the historical society " Green Liquids In 2013 has just made a difficult but well-considered decision. Indeed, after 8 years of excellence in vaping nectar, the brands attached to the company and the production tool are changing hands. 


In order to understand this surprising decision, the editorial staff of approached Pascal Bonnadier, a vaping lover, a true figure of French vaping for an exclusive interview. 


Rédaction : Hello Pascal

You just gave us some very important news. You have decided to sell the Green Liquides brands. Can you tell us more ?

Pascal Bonnadier : Hello Olivier! Indeed, I sold the production tool to Curieux E-Liquides and my brands to Eliquid France. 

“I would like the Green spirit to continue. "

Why this decision

Green has a nice tool. Very quickly after its creation, I wanted to make it a big company. Not for egocentric problems but more to show our involvement and our seriousness on what I consider to be an essential health revolution and the best chance for stopping smoking. I also wanted a structure at the cutting edge in terms of safety and production. However, such a tool imposes many very time-consuming constraints. I have many people and their families who depend on our business. The considerable obligations, the multiple constraints and the perpetual race forward have ended up destroying the most precious good that is never acquired: health.

Green Liquides, a story that has lasted since 2013!


Exactly. Green is your baby and is one of the “historical” players in vaping. You have spent a lot of energy and brainpower to make it a recognized brand, unanimously appreciated and respected by the ecosystem. Did you have any requirements for your buyers ?

As you rightly say. Green has a very strong identity, acquired by his reputation but also, for certain aspects, by elements which are not of my will. In several areas, I had reached saturation point, to the point of jeopardizing my health and, even worse, my passion. I felt locked in, on the verge of suffocation and the meetings with Curieux E-liquids and Eliquid France came at the right time. As you can imagine, this did not happen in two days and we had a long discussion. But I reassure you, it did not take long before we got along.  

“Today I am a free man. Freed from the many constraints of the entrepreneur. "

Curious E-liquids did not have a production tool, do you think they will now have the best available to achieve all their goals? ?

Yes, they have had very reputable partners. I have tried to support them as best as possible and now they have the ideal tool to continue their development and further establish an excellent reputation. 

Pascal Bonnadier, Founder and Chairman at Green Liquides SAS

I confirm to you ! Le Vapelier evaluated many references in the catalog and they got a nice collection of Top Jus! Eliquid France bought the Green brands from you. I imagine they did the same for the recipes ?

Yes indeed. 

Are you informed of upcoming developments in Green Liquides ?

No. Nonetheless, our numerous discussions over the past few months have given me hope: a certain “Green” spirit should continue. If they want to ask me, I'll be there. they are the ones who hold the keys to the future.

You also have a Juice Maker company and activity. Will you continue in this area ?

Yes, with those who will share my values ​​and a common passion. This activity is guided only by passion. The passion that I have to think, to create, to conceive an aromatic whole. This passion within Green was no longer my main action. Today I am a free man. Freed from the many constraints of the entrepreneur. I will be able to refocus on my passion for creation.

What are you going to do right now ?

Rest, retreat, I will recharge my batteries and take time to live, to enjoy my loved ones and my freedom.

Can we see you at the next Vapexpo ?

Yes, of course, if the health situation allows it.

Thank you again Pascal for your confidence in Le Vapelier. We also thank you for offering us this scoop which will certainly shake up the world of vaping. In any case, you will be greatly missed.

Like you said, freedom is priceless. We wish you to preserve it and enjoy it as long as possible. Know in any case that the communication channels of the Vapelier are definitely open to you and that it will be a pleasure to be able to work together again.


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