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BAROMETER 2021: The electronic cigarette recognized as a real ally against smoking!

BAROMETER 2021: The electronic cigarette recognized as a real ally against smoking!

How is the electronic cigarette perceived in France in recent months ? Has the role of vaping in the fight against smoking evolved in recent years? ? In exclusiveness, for you, here are the conclusions of the last barometer carried out by HARRIS Interactive for France Vapotage which shows that if the image of vaping does not deteriorate, it remains fragile in the face of often anxiety-provoking communication.


According to the latest edition of the barometer produced by HARRIS Interactive for France Vapotage that we offer you on exclusively, the role of vaping in the fight against smoking is largely recognized in the public. But the image of the electronic cigarette remains fragile, victim of the lack of information and undoubtedly of anxiety-provoking communications. In this context, too many smokers hesitate to take the plunge. Worse: if the measures currently being studied by the European Commission were implemented, many vapers could fall back into smoking.

A point all the same on the methodology used to prepare this barometer " French view on vaping issues "(Wave 2021). The survey was conducted online from April 20 to 26, 2021 with a sample of 3002 people representative of French people aged 18 and over.

Vaping, an ally in the fight against tobacco: a reality recognized by public opinion.

While the electronic cigarette is recognized by Public Health France as the most effective tool and the most used by smokers to reduce or stop their tobacco consumption, the French are increasingly aware of its value in the fight against smoking:

<br>• 67% say that it is an effective way to reduce tobacco consumption, (+10 points since the wave of September 2019 carried out after the crisis in the United States)

<br>• 48% say that it can be effective for total smoking cessation (+8 points compared to 2019).

• above all, its effectiveness is recognized by the main stakeholders: former smokers who have become vapers. Its usefulness in a process of stopping smoking is massively supported by vapers who have stopped smoking (84%) as by vapers currently in a process of slowing down and then stopping smoking (86%).

Moreover, despite the anxiety-provoking communications around vaping, the French for the most part understand that the consumption of electronic cigarettes is less harmful to health than tobacco.

• alone 32% say that it is a very dangerous practice against almost double for tobacco consumption (60%, as for cannabis).

• the difference is even more remarkable among the respective consumers of these two products: 42% of exclusive smokers consider tobacco to be very dangerous, while Only 9% of exclusive vapers consider vaping to be very dangerous.

Vaping to quit tobacco: the reasons for success.

Vapers cite, among the reasons that played an important role in their desire to switch to electronic cigarettes, very different and complementary arguments:

<br>• related to life in society : avoid bad smells from tobacco (76%), bother those around you less (73%), consume more freely (72%)

<br>• sanitary order : a less risky practice than tobacco (76%), a desire to improve one's physical condition (73%)

<br>• financial : vaping is cheaper than smoking (73%).

The poorly informed population, the smokers not sufficiently sensitized.

Convinced, vapers are “ambassadors” of the electronic cigarette. On the other hand, information struggles to reach the general public but especially the first ones concerned: smokers!

• Alone 26% of French people (20% of smokers) know that the National Academy of Medicine has encouraged smokers to turn to vaping without hesitation. Worst : alone 37% of French people (30% of smokers) are prepared to take this statement as a fact;

• Alone 41% of French people (and 37% of smokers) have heard of independent scientific studies that show that vapor from electronic cigarettes contains 95% less harmful substances than tobacco smoke. And only a minority (49%) believe it! ;

<br>• 56% of smokers have heard that vaping is less risky than tobacco and only 41% admit it. A large proportion of exclusive smokers wonder about the effects of e-cigarettes on health (36%) but also on the safety and reliability of vaping products (30%).

To reassure: the expectations of the French meet the demands of France Vapotage.

• the public authorities must ensure better dissemination of scientific information available on e-cigarette (76%) ;

• vaping products being less risky than tobacco products, they must be subjected to two separate regulations (64%).

Danger ! If the vape is attacked, a majority of vapers may go back to smoking!

A majority of vapers confide that they could resume or increase their tobacco use :

• if e-cigarette prices were to increase significantly (64%) ;

• if it became more difficult to find vaping products (61%) ;

• if it became more restrictive to vape, with more severe bans than today (59%) ;

• if only the tobacco flavor becomes available for vaping (58%).

Fight against smoking or fight against vaping: you have to choose

The electronic cigarette is a powerful ally against smoking. A solution invented by a former smoker, proven by millions of people who until now had not succeeded in quitting smoking thanks to other available aids, in particular medication.

The time has come, for France as well as for the European Union, to choose. If the public authorities declare war on vaping, the results are known, they were observed for example in Italy in 2017: increase in smoking prevalence, economic collapse of the sector and job cuts, development of a black market for vaping products, and ultimately tax revenues much lower than what had been estimated.

Another way exists, that of collectively seizing the historic opportunity represented by vaping, based on independent scientific studies, by raising smokers' awareness of risk reduction, by supporting a still young sector in its responsible development to protect consumers. consumers. In France as at European level, the public authorities are in a position to play a major role and act to win this fight against smoking.

To consult the complete barometer, go to Harris Interactive official website.

Source : France Vapotage / Harris Interactive

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