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EUROPE: Vaping areas dedicated to MEPs? A sensible subject…

EUROPE: Vaping areas dedicated to MEPs? A sensible subject…

It may come as a surprise to some, but the issue of vaping seems to be important in the European Parliament. Indeed, a “confidential” internal debate on vaping would take place concerning kiosks dedicated to vaping deputies in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Klaus Welle, Secretary General of Parliament


In an exercise of transparency, our colleagues from EUobserver have applied for access to preview an internal debate on vaping by MEPs in the European Parliament. Indeed, a problem seems to concern the possibility of setting up specialized stands in the premises of the Parliament for vaping deputies. As a reminder, vaping is prohibited in Parliament, outside the areas designated for smokers.

Probably not wanting to vape with smokers, some MEPs are now asking for four new kiosks to vape in Brussels and Strasbourg, a question debated between all the quaestors responsible for managing current affairs.

At first glance, the issue does not seem controversial compared to the larger topics addressed by the same institution. Yet the response to the request for access to information from the Secretary General of Parliament, Klaus Welle, the institution's most senior official behind the scenes, suggests otherwise.

Although the minutes of the debate are posted online, Klaus Well says any public disclosure of the requested documents " would seriously undermine the institution's decision-making process ". He also argues that as a decision has not yet been made, none of the three documents related to the request should be made public.

«  Parliament stresses that to prevent its current decision-making process from being seriously compromised, a certain level of confidentiality of preparatory documents is necessary “, He said in a letter.

But one of the documents requested is a note that the European Parliament seems to have already made public. The draft opinion published in January was drawn up by Parliament's medical division.

It states that e-cigarettes and vaping products " cannot be considered safe  "And it highlights lung disease" related to vaping", Known as Evali, as an emerging risk.

« Like smoke, these aerosols are inhaled not only by the direct user, but also by passers-by. This is called secondhand aerosol exposure (SHA) »Specifies the document.

Klaus Welle also reportedly refused to reveal two other documents for similar reasons. One would be an email from Silvia modig, the far-left Finnish MEP writes to the President of the European Parliament and asking him " the ban on the use of electronic cigarettes on Parliament's premises ". According to Modig's office, when asked about the email addressed to the president would simply specify " that e-cigarettes should have their own space just like cigarettes " page (in French).

The third and final document, which the Secretary General of the Parliament refused to publish, is a note which presents information on existing smoking facilities in the European Parliament. What does he really have? Will vaping MEPs be able to win their case? Mystery…

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