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EXPLOSION: "It's not e-cigarettes that are dangerous! "

EXPLOSION: "It's not e-cigarettes that are dangerous! "

A few weeks ago, a man in Florida passed away to the explosion of the battery of his mechanical mod. A first that is spotty for the e-cigarette ... If the media have seized the case since yesterday, some experts are trying to recall an essential thing: " It's not e-cigarettes that are dangerous!".


Since the case is arrival in the public domain it is hundreds of articles accusing the e-cigarette that fall through the various editorial offices of the country. Yet, if this incident is dramatic (and we must not forget that there is a death), Jean Moiroud, The President of the Interprofessional Federation of the vape (Fivape) nevertheless tried to remind the media and the public that " It's not e-cigarettes that are dangerous".

During his interview with our colleagues from " 20 Minutes " he stated : " This product is manufactured and defended because it is a risk reduction solution that can save smokers from the harm of tobacco. It must be understood that batteries are dangerous. The batteries of electronic cigarettes are the same as those found in telephones or electric cars. There are no more accidents with electronic cigarettes than with other electronic devices »

It's not the electronic cigarettes themselves that are dangerous, but the batteries - Jean MoiroudFivape

Because let's be clear once again on the subject, there is as much chance to see an e-cigarette explode as a smartphone or any product that contains an energy cell.

To understand how the incident happened, Jean Moiroud gives his analysis: " You have to tell the difference between the two types of electronic cigarettes, there is 'electronics' and 'mechanics'He says.

The so-called e-cigarette mechanical Is a simple tube consisting of a battery, a trigger button and a connector. There is no electronics, everything is precisely mechanical. The resistor is brought into direct contact with the battery and, in the event of a short circuit, the battery may explode. The so-called cigarette electronic "Is a case consisting of a battery, associated with an electronic control circuit. This chip, which controls power and temperature, prevents short circuits.

For the Fivape, well used, electronic cigarettes are no more dangerous than any electronic device: " It's all about energy management. This is valid for all batteries of any electronic device, not just electronic cigarettes. »

Finally, the president of Fivape said that these facts remain extremely rare: " These accidents should never happen. We do everything so that it does not take place in France. But we must put things in context, statistically, these accidents are extremely rare. We do not sell electronic devices different from those we use everyday and tobacco kills one in two users »


As for 99% of battery explosions, it is not the e-cigarette that is responsible but the usermoreover, in this case, as in all those we have seen recently, it is clearly a negligence in the handling of the batteries that can be considered as the cause of the explosion.

The e-cigarette clearly has no place on the bench accused in this case, we will never repeat it enough, with the accusers certain safety rules must be respected for safe use :

- Do not use a mechanical mod if you do not have the necessary knowledge. These are not used with any battery.

- Never put one or more batteries in your pockets (presence of keys, parts that can short circuit)

- Always store or transport your batteries in boxes keeping them separate from each other

If you have a doubt, or if you are not familiar with it, consider inquiring before buying, using or storing batteries. here is a complete tutorial dedicated to Li-Ion batteries which will help you to see more clearly.

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