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DOSSIER: Choosing the right e-cigarette to start (April 2021)

DOSSIER: Choosing the right e-cigarette to start (April 2021)

The world of e-cigarettes is changing so quickly that we are forced to regularly update some tutorials. Today we are going to focus on the new vapers. You! Yes you who join us in a wonderful world without tobacco, you are wondering what to choose as material in order to start well ? gives you his opinion on the material to choose in this month of April 2021 so as not to miss his initiation into the vape!


Easy to get started in vaping? We couldn't say the same a few years ago! Yet today, a product has clearly established itself on the market: the podmod. Simple, small, ergonomic and efficient, it allows any smoker who wants to put an end to his good old packets of cigarettes to start an initiation to vaping without a pitfall. However, it remains difficult to speak of a reference model as the choice is so important in the current market. Here is our small selection to get started with ease. :

Scepter - Innokin 

A compact podmod that highlights flavors. In MTL or RDL, indirect or semi-direct inhalation, the Scepter pod leaves the choice to the vaper to use the resistance and ventilation that suits him. Compact and very discreet, the podmod has a 1400 mAh battery for long vaping and it is rechargeable with a micro-USB connection. PRICE : Around € 27 - REVIEW : See the full test

Epod - Vype / Vuse

Simplicity, practicality and design for a podmod that will fit easily in a pocket or handbag. The Epod by Vype / Vuse is a must for first-time jet enthusiasts because it can be found everywhere and especially at our friends tobacconists. Using capsules pre-filled with e-liquid with nicotine salt, it will be ideal to counter the cravings for cigarettes of the average smoker. PRICE : Around € 14,99 - REVIEW : See the full test

Kroma Z - Innokin

Another Innokin product? It must be said that the firm is very reliable in terms of products for first-jet aircraft. The Pod Kroma Z from Innokin offers all the comfort and technology of the moment to the vaper. It has an impressive 3000 mAh battery that can be quickly recharged with USB-C, but also an ideal power. Lightweight, practical, it will suit first-time jet sailors looking for a first initiation kit! PRICE : Around € 40 - REVIEW : See the full test

Aegis Hero - Geek Vape

Well known for its qualitative and solid products, Geek Vape could be THE solution for you! Are you an extreme backpacker, do you work in construction sites or are you just clumsy? The Aegis Hero is the first kit you need for a successful initiation! Waterproof and strong, the Aegis Hero podmod is small in size and ultra light. It will be an ideal companion for comfortable and efficient vaping on all terrains.
PRICE : Around 35 €



If you have the ambition to stop smoking by using the vape for several months, you might as well invest directly in a complete kit (Box or tube + clearomizer). Not necessarily more expensive, it offers you many advantages such as being able to change part of your equipment at any time while keeping the rest. Here is our small selection to get started with ease. :

Drag X Plus - Voopoo

Well known in the world of vaping, Voopoo offers with this kit an interesting option for first-time vapers wishing to quit smoking. The Drag X Plus box takes advantage of the capacities of the 21700 batteries to have more autonomy than a classic box, it is nevertheless also compatible with the 18650 batteries. With a maximum power of 100 watts, the Drag X Plus goes perfectly with the TPP Pod Tank Clearomiser which will offer very good vaping conditions.  PRICE : Around 60 € 

Istick Pico 2 - Eleaf

What can we say about this model which became legendary in its first version! Many current vapers have quit smoking thanks to the Istick Pico box and today it may be your turn to initiate yourself with this 2.0 model. The iStick Pico 2 kit by Eleaf, allows you to vape easily with a tight draw (in indirect inhalation), close to a cigarette, or more open (in direct inhalation). This kit works with an 18650 battery and offers a maximum power of 75 watts in a compact and elegant format. If you have any doubts, go for this model and you won't be disappointed! PRICE : Around 50 € 

Swag PX80 - Vaporesso

Same style but different firm! Vaporesso offers with the Swag PX80 an alternative to the Istick Pico 2. Small, powerful and above all very pleasant to use for an aerial draft vape, the Swag PX80 kit works with an 18650 battery and can provide a power between 5 and 80 watts . You will therefore not be disappointed by this model, perfectly suited to first-flight aircraft, which offers a devastating design! PRICE : Around € 40 - REVIEW : See the full test

DotAIO Mini - Dotmod

To finish this small selection, let's start with a product that will not be for all budgets! If you want to get started in vaping with the “Rolls Royce” from podmod, this is where it happens with the DotAIO Mini by Dotmod. The dotAIO Mini is an elegant electronic cigarette in anodized aluminum that fits in the palm of the hand and capable of vaping with a maximum power of 35 watts. With the small size of its 18350 battery, it allows you to vape discreetly and with class, 2 ml of the e liquid of your choice. PRICE : Around 85 € 

This list is obviously not exhaustive, there are many other kits or podmods that will be perfect for the initiation of a first-time pilot in search of the Grail. If you still want to learn more about the different options available to you, we invite you to consult our comparative platform, The which references and evaluates several thousand products for many years now!

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