FIVAPE: Anti-Vaping Positions of the World Health Organization

FIVAPE: Anti-Vaping Positions of the World Health Organization

In order to respond to the current controversy which announces vaping as "undeniably harmful", the FIVAPE (Interprofessional Federation of the vape) has just launched A press release that we propose to diffusion. In this one, La Fivape denounces very strongly the recent positions of the World Organization of the Health as for the "incontestable harmfulness" of the electronic cigarettes, invalidated by the overwhelming majority of the scientific and medical publications.


The Vape Interprofessional Federation, independent of the tobacco industry, strongly denounces the recent positions of the World Health Organization on the "indisputable harm" of electronic cigarettes, invalidated by the overwhelming majority of scientific publications and medical. Massive recovery without recoil by the press and television, this formula illustrates the surprisingly ignorance of the management of smoking by risk reduction tools of which vaping is a part, thus helping to keep smokers in a deadly addiction.

A complete lack of scientific approach

This report repeatedly indicates that it is unable to provide a definitive opinion on the level of risk posed by e-cigarettes, citing a lack of scientific evidence. Above the obvious denial of the many independent studies demonstrating the extremely low level of toxicity What this withdrawal solution represents, however, the report will contradict itself and unambiguously affirm the "indisputable harm" of electronic cigarettes.

To arrive at this conclusive conclusion, WHO relies on only one source of which it is itself a source: report on "electronic nicotine inhalers" from 2014 (1). Already widely disputed at the time by health professionals and the scientists (2), this report then showed "the limited data on electronic nicotine inhalers" available to WHO.

Also, WHO is deliberately choosing turn a blind eye to more than 5 years of research supported by hundreds of scientific publications and medical on vaping, demonstrating one after the other its low level of risk and its effectiveness. It also chose not to take into consideration the important technological developments has been in the industry since 2014, whose goal has always been to minimize the level of risk for smokers and vapers.

French ill-informed smokers

The 26 June 2019, we learned in the synthesis "Use of the electronic cigarette, smoking and 18-75 years' opinions" (3), published by Santé Publique France, that the perception of the harmfulness to health of vaping products compared to tobacco has been steadily increasing since 2014. In other words, the French perceive more and more the electronic cigarette as as - or more - dangerous than tobacco.

It is a fact that must alert the health authorities and the media at the highest level! France can not afford this kind of regression in the face of the health emergency that is the exit of tobacco, especially with one of the highest smoking prevalence in Europe, at around 27%. Tobacco remains in France the first cause of preventable death, with more than 73 000 dead each year.

Vape: an effective and safe way out of smoking

Vape is a "risk reduction" approach. The question is first and foremost to know if vaping presents a significantly reduced risk, allowing to advise it as an aid to smokers who wish to stop smoking. The answer to this question is YES: vaping is a tool that significantly reduces health risks compared to tobacco.

Where the studies conducted are not funded by tobacco companies or pharmaceutical companies, the scientific and medical consensus is unanimous, and the most telling synthesis is that achieved by the British Ministry of Health (4) and who is evaluating - cautiously - this risk reduction to more than 95% compared to tobacco.

Therefore, a smoker who becomes a vaper greatly reduces the risk of developing serious pathologies related to smoking. Smokers must be helped by all means, especially the most pragmatic. The vape is a pragmatic tool that must be encouraged and defended. Driven by the users, voluntary actors of their exit of the tobacco, and by the expertise of the independent professionals, the vapotage is a breakthrough innovation which must be considered at its true value: a way out to a life without tobacco.

So, how do we, responsible professionals, passionate bearers of a breakthrough innovation for public health, how can we fight against false information, especially when they come from an institution as statutory as the WHO? Our sector, young but particularly conscious, is guided by ethics. Our fight is that of public health. Independent of the tobacco industry and in constant struggle for almost ten years against the maneuvers of the cigarette manufacturers, how can we resist if our voice is in addition crushed by the international institutions? Common sense, we have some. Science and courage too. But our voice needs to be relayed and supported by legitimate health professionals, by courageous politicians and by journalists who are aware of the impact of their word on the lives of tobacco-smokers.


Fivape is the reference professional organization committed to the development of the independent e-cigarette sector and to the constant improvement of the safety and quality requirements of the vape products. Firmly independent of the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry, Fivape is committed to everyday work alongside all vaping professionals.

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